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Cut Kult 2/27/09

Denver v.Tucson carsonisdemented? via flickr

  • To keep up on my Steve Powers quota here is a pretty entertaining interview from nyGlob.
  • When you are surrounded by greatness remember to hit record.(via Daily Swarm)
  • Hmmm, How can I turn a potent image of struggle against colonial powers into a way to sell luxury vodka? (via Hipsterrunoff)
  • Cool subway map calendars that try to visually represent the character of the city (Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul) (via ILG)
  • Public transit goes green by using effective graffiti technique. Werd?!! (via Visual Culture)
  • Maira Kalman has made a great visual essay about a trip to view the Lincoln archives. (Via D Funderbugh)
  • Swoon is having a raffle of an original Piece of her work to support her project “Swimming Cities of Serenissima“. Get your ticket here
  • Slumdog 2 : The Need For Speed
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    Nerds House 2/26/09

    Logan Hicks
    consumeddigested Logan Hicks 2007

  • Pricess Hijab is the new new in street art. (via Good)
  • “I am OK with misconceptions if they are some, I don’t have to justify myself, people who are going to meet me will love me to death” Fafi talks about her upcoming comic book and her take on the gallery scene. (via ilovegraffiti)
  • After a disappointing auction of street art the market is bracing for another hit when the grimey stuff climbs the podium again at Dreweatts (via Arrested Motion)
  • Boston street artist Alphabet Soup discusses his opinions regarding Shepard Fairey’s recent ICA show and what it means for street art in general. Also a great read at myartspace about the team representing Fairey in his fair use case. (via Bombin)
  • Paul Schmelzer ask’s Where’s all the Right Wing street art? (via Art21)
  • Artist Takeshi Murata is upset that popstar Kanye West hijacked his method of video compression to create his most recent music video without giving him any credit. Apparently West saw an exhibition of Murata’s work at Deitch and flipped over it and rushed his video out. (via street carnage)
  • Art Chat :

    Robbie Conal
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

    more about "Artist Profile: Robbie Conal on Vimeo", posted with vodpod

    Miami Fame


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    Gun Gospel 2/25/09

    Augor Pharoe Billboard in LA (via senseslost)

  • This one is for my buddy Robert…… Black Metal Documentary. (via Rockersnyc)
  • There is an ongoing long distance game of skate between photographer Bob Kronbauer and artist Porous Walker that has taken a new and unexpected twist. (via club mumble)
  • I am at my art geekinest when it comes to artists technique. I can just sit around and watch dudes work the magic, like this amazing video of Gorey getting busy with the oneliner. (via GraffitiMag)
  • “At parties people often ask, ‘What are you working on?’ Sometimes I say, ‘Psychic sculpture.’ They might ask, ‘What is that?’ And I’ll say, ‘It will come to you.'” Conceptual artist Peter Coffin delves into new mythologies with his UFO inspired works. (via Guardian UK)
  • Traveling with Steve Powers ( via WYW)
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

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    calypsol 2/24/09

    Steve powers
    Everything… Stephen Powers 2007

  • 2f2k friend sculptor Mike Leavitt has a show coming up at Fuse Gallery in NYC. In these post art market boom days more and more of us will need to find a good pair of paper shoes. (via TOAR)
  • Chor Boogie recently went to Brazil painting some commissions as well as collaborate with photographer Jihan Abdalla on her documentation of prostitutes in Brazil (via Ekosystem)
  • Billionaire art dealer claims contemporary art market is a fraud, quietly mentions he has some picasso’s for sale. (via Hrag Vartanian)
  • I wonder if this is something that was sanctioned by MOMA, or did these two guys just develop the worlds most genius marketing campaign for a museum without getting paid. Poster Boy & Aakash Nihalani Remix the MoMA Collection (via PSFK)
  • Format has three great interviews with some of my favorite artists up right now. Check in with Mode 2, Ghost, and Emory Douglas.
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    Desmadres 2/23/09

    Gregory Euclide
    Scoring a chorus in the crests that could not be owned Gregory Euclide 2009

  • For those struggling with the quiet shame of utilizing an application that has been discontinued. Freehand Anonymous (via CR Blog)
  • Reinventing the rock poster
  • The creator of proto peer to peer folk legend Heavy Metal Parking, Jeff Krulik, discusses his strange journey documenting America’s social fabric (via triple canopy)
  • “Whether I’m speaking specifically about American racism or the Black Diaspora, or even identity politics, I’m always thinking about abstraction, about the way that the Modernist language of abstraction is told from a colonialist kind of jungle fever.” Kara Walker talks about her work and her reputation as “That” angry black artist. (via Blackbook)
  • Why do I feel so helpless? Is there a way to change all of this? Why not be a dirt farmer.
    The Greenhorns
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    High Dudgeon 2/20/09

    Miami Kaos
    Miami Kaos 2009 via AnimalNY

  • They done too much, Much too ….young? The Specials get back together but without Jerry. Now thats Gangster.
  • Put a Donk on it!!!! The freshest sound to come out of a youth center. (via street carnage)
  • “I didn’t even think anything about taking flicks of it. I thought it would be a forever thing: that there would always be bombed subways.” Cope 2 talks about his early days coming up as a young Graff writer (via WYW)
  • Artist Mark Vallen asks should we really be celebrating the paltry $50 million for arts included in the Obama stimulus package when the budget for a typical crappy movie is in the range of $200 million.
  • “My involvement with the Poster Boy thing was just the legal aspect. Maybe I’ve given an interview or two about the Poster Boy movement and, like, I’ll show up like I did at the art show [in Soho] and create a piece, you know, as Poster Boy.” Is Henry Matyjewicz just blowing smoke up, or is he a genius at obscuring the facts. (via AFC)
  • “With virtually no commercial infrastructure for experimental art in place, artists had to create their own marginal, bootstrap model.” Holland Cotters call to arms for an art world that is struggling to find footing in the current economic environment.(via NYT)
  • Rude Bwoys Grab Your Rude Gyal and lets do the Ska :
    first the dance

    Now lets pick it up

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    Hi Karate 2/19/09

    Jose Parla
    Jose Parla 2006

  • Justin Giarla from San Francisco gallery Shooting Gallery has produced a new film documenting the pop surrealist movement that has stormed the ivory gates of the art establishment. Though the name is kinda meh, New Brow looks like a pretty solid survey of whats going down in that scene.
  • Subvertisingis a growing movement of Artists that are taking back the public space from the media corporations that dominate the visual experience of cities,
  • This is what it looks like to be above it all and only surround yourself with luxury. Scenes from YSL’s art collection. (via NYT)
  • Kanye gets into the pit to do some Datamoshing (via PSFK)
  • For The Love Of Gold, Spanish artist Eugenio Merino comments on the final step for Damien Hirst to increase his arts value. Also a great interview with him from FAD (via Guardian UK)
  • In the ongoing war against the terror of an Instamatic, NYC police are racking up the court cases because of their policy of harassing anybody with a camera in the subway system. (via NYT)
  • Joe Cuba, RIP :
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