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Hi Jinx 2/18/09

Romare Bearden
Return of the prodigal son Romare Bearden 1967

  • “When you lock the water, you lock the cock. When you open the pipe, you are turned on.” A lil time with Pipecock Jackson (via Flavorwire)
  • How can the symbol of Americas slide into imperialistic hubris remind me so much of my hometown? Photographer Christopher Sims shows us the soft underbelly of Gitmo. (via Good)
  • Legendary Soul unit the Daptones ( think Sharon Jones, Amy Winehouse, Rod Stewart?!!!) recently had their studio broken into. What a drag. (via frank151)
  • “I’m not trying to make an argument that graffiti is art and not vandalism,I hope I’ve made it clear that it’s both.” NYTimes interviews Sociologist Gregory Snyder about his new book “Graffiti Lives: Beyond the Tag in New York’s Urban Underground”
  • Midnight Ice Cream.

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    Hi Fidelity 2/17/09

    David Choe
    Never Try Drugs, Ok Pot once David Choe 2006

  • Yo, Heshers can be nerds too. The life and times of Cliff Burton (via The Daily Swarm)
  • 2f2k friend, toy designer Le Merde has some cool videos of his process and his recent installation at GR2 runnin on the webs (via nakamura)
  • Does this count as Irony? (via TWBE)
  • A cool diagram comparing the amount of use transit systems in the U.S. receive compared to their counterparts across the globe. (via Good)
  • There is always a new Condo to complain about when the economy gets tough (via PSFK)
  • Members of NYC’s infamous Vandal Squad have a book coming out. There are some people who find it Ironic that these guys are trying to cash in on the notoriety of people whose lives they tried to destroy for making art. There is going to be a panel discussion in NYC on March 19 Featuring author Joseph Rivera, former Commanding Officer Lieutenant Steven Mona,
    Original Vandal Squad Lieutenant Ken Chiulli, graffiti legend COPE2,
    graffiti activist Ket, and street artist ELLIS G
    . As Ket points out, “Those of you with warrants might want to skip this one”.
  • “You realise when you do go to these places that there is no art. My aim is to show that art can work anywhere.” Has JR become the hot new thing for an art market in desperate need of some fresh ideas? (via ekosystem)
  • Artist Ron English discusses with CNN his role in creating the Obama art craze :
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    Hi-Life 2/15/09

    Todd “REAS” James 2007

  • Gang Gang Dance, Whose video with Tinchy Stryder was featured here a couple of weeks ago, has suffered a horrendous setback when all of their gear was burned up after a gig in Amsterdam. And No I do not mean they smoked it up either, you cretins. (via Daily Swarm)
  • Peter Schjeldahl visits Shep Fairey’s ICA show for the New Yorker and wonders if he “meant to ridicule rebellion”. (via C-monster)
  • Norwegian Death Metal. Early Acid House. Killl. (via Frieze)
  • “The greed that we saw in the art world was coupled with the greed that we were seeing in society at large, so we tried to do shows that shifted the emphasis.” Controversial gallery Triple Candy reopens in Harlem (via tcop)
  • Citrus Report has a couple of interviews up from friends of 2f2k. Check out Peekaboo and Jesse Reno talking about whats really good.
  • Photography Is Not A Crime. The Counter Terrorism Act allows for the arrest and imprisonment of anyone whose pictures are “likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism”. (via FAD)
  • French street art legend Blek Le Rat
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    Sailing On 2/13/09

    jesse edwards
    Terror Vision Jesse Edwards 2007

  • Honoring JDilla Month on NPR
  • Want to be truly bleeding edge for your next vacation? Well take a trip to Queens New York son. (via Street Carnage)
  • Monkey men will steal our wimmens. A dystopian view of Darwin from the 19th century (via good)
  • “I am not anti-museums. But I think they have been taken over by corporatization and commercialization.” A Look at the Homeless Museum of Art (via PSFK)
  • The historic point where transit and graffiti intersect that is Los Angeles’ Belmont Tunnel(via WYW)
  • Colbert throws his hat into the Shepard Fairey/ AP fight. The definitive answer to all of our questions:
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

  • You cant catch this: (via Senses Lost)
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

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    Leaving Babylon 2/12/09

    Tes One
    TesOne 2009

  • “My ladies are always there for me,” he said. “They never talk back, and if I get bored, I can just change the head.” Photographer Becky Yee has a new show of images documenting the astounding owner of the worlds greatest “Dutch Wife ” collection. (via AnimalNY)
  • The website Red Rag To A Bull is making an appeal for support of teen street artist Cartrain in his ongoing legal battle with the worlds most powerfull artist, Damien Hirst. (via Myartspace)
  • I hope you have some glowsticks handy. Artcore is a show about the garishly designed flyers of the early 90’s UK rave movement. (via CRBlog)
  • Revok explains some of the new projects he has been working on with Rime and Augor. Basically taking the ego element out of some of he murals they paint. Good luck. (via wyw)
  • Hip Hop Legend D-Nice aint about to let you forget what it’s all about with his True Hip Hop Stories film series:
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

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    Positive Mental Attitude 2/11/09

    Mike Giant
    Ascetic Mike Giant 2006

  • Is it possible the solution to Britains economic doldrums is state sponsored Graffiti murals (via Guardian UK)
  • ‘Oh yeah, I’m a…professional mannequin builder! Can I take your photo? I’m really inspired by your body!’ Canadian graffiti artist OTHER discusses his adventures hitchhiking. (via Senses Lost)
  • Barack Obama is inspiring some heavy sounds inna dancehall. Lets just hope this doesn’t become another casualty of the Daggering craze (via Fact Mag)
  • Russian Constructivism of Rodchenko and Popova on display at the Tate (via Guardianuk)
  • South African Rock from the 1950’s is burning up my headspace (via Houndblog)
  • Hey Kids it’s Maya Hayuk:
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    Right Brigade 2/10/09

    Rotimi Fani-Kayode
    Rotimi Fani-Kayode 1955 – 1989

  • “So you try to make that secret, you try to make it disappear, you try to make that thing that has happened or that space somehow invisible.” Geographer Trevor Paglen looks into the dark areas on the map (via Artcal)
  • An excellent documentary on proto street artist Keith Haring (via Wooster)
  • 17th century graffiti depicted in a Pieter Saenredam’s 1644 painting of a church (via Guardian UK)
  • Hot shit stencil artist The Dude Company chats with the guys at Bombin’
  • Detroit Techno don Jeff Mills comes at us with a massive interview in Wire Magazine ( via Daily Swarm)
  • If you find earth boring, Just the same ol same thing
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