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Videodrome 7/30/09

Briar bonfacio
“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” Matthew Briar Bonifacio Rodriguez 2009

It’s been so hot here in Seattle that it’s hard to sit down at my extremely hot powerbook. So for today it’s just films I like right now.

  • Vodpod videos no longer available.

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    Bubblin’ 7/27/09

    Robert Hardgrave
    Entitled Robert Hardgrave

  • Galleries are still getting battered by these trying economic times.(myartspace)
  • “I remember the extraordinary enthusiasm for the internet, but now it is a surveillance-work tool, or a social-work tool. What one dreams of is escaping that. The 90s ideas of cyberreality seem preposterous now. We design more and more elaborate means of captivity for ourselves.” Simon Critchley, nihilist philosopher, on social networking websites. (via Tomorrow museum)
  • “O’BRIEN: What did you make of Paul? I mean, the contradiction of making these films about all the things he was really always griping about—drugs and freaks and drag queens. Paul was always at the Factory saying, “Get that drug trash out of here.” And then he’s directing you shooting up.

    DALLESANDRO: I’m sure it was weird for him, but he felt it was a necessary part of the story he wanted to show. I remember him saying once that he was tired of films like Easy Rider [1969], you know, glamorizing smoking pot or drugs. He wanted to show drugs for what they really were. I mean, the biggest hope a drug addict could have was to get on welfare, you know? So I think he made his little points in his films.” Glen O’Brien talks to Lil’ Joe Dallesandro about working with Paul Morrisey and the Warhol factory (via interview)

  • I know I am late on this but this is a pretty interesting read on the circumstances surrounding the death of Dash Snow
  • I never thought i would ever say this but I can’t wait to see the new Tron Legacy movie.
  • Artist Dan Bordon’s video for Seattle band Truckasauras.

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    Before I let Go 7/9/09

    Greg Lamarche
    Magic In your Fingers Greg Lamarche 2007

  • Western contemporary art aesthetics have a hard colonizing effect on the way artists around the world are creating work. I’ve seen this first hand in the realm of “Street Art/Grafitti” when artists that have absolutely no credibility in the world of graff become proclaimed the next great “street” god. (via TAN)
  • ” You can’t just stick with one thing. You have to let your natural style come through, and paint what you naturally like to paint.”
    “Why are you so into Southwestern patterns?”
    ” I just like them. I don’t know. I would like to make a rug. I don’t think they are that hard to make. I have seen them do it. They shoot one spool of string through this frame, then they close it and shoot another one across.” Mark Gonzalez can’t stick to just one thing as he prepares for his upcoming solo at Half gallery (via interview)
  • we also need to recognize the times in our life when we’ve allowed ourselves to become too much of a slave to our data stream.” Uhmm, dude I don’t understand what you mean. It’s not good to spend hours everyday scouring the internet for picayune. (via Bygone Bureau)
  • A QnA with the director of the must see documentary Soul Power
  • All I need is Love
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    Didn’t know my own strength 7/7/09

    Yinka Shonibare
    Yinka Shonibare (via gold coast)

  • “They’re all people I know. Most of them close friends and I like to choose people that have interesting features and can say a lot with their eyes because I don’t want it to just be like a pretty portrait – I want it to be a persona that really exists in the piece.” Street artist ElbowToe discusses his process and what he looks for in a good model (via arrested motion)
  • An awesome how to for running a guerilla drive-in movie operation. now all you need is oneof those roller hotdog machines. (via PSFK)
  • If Sonic Youth thinks your cool – Some of your favorite bands because they told you so (via flavorwire)
  • As Graffiti matures in the 21st century there are craftsmen that are taking this folkart form into amazing new directions while flexing a level of skill previously unattained. I believe Rime is probably the top graffiti writer working right now
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    Love won’t be easy 7/6/09

    Matt Lee
    South Indian Film Posters Matt Lee ( via Jux)

  • An extended look at the work of Mode 2, Sharp, Delta, and Enron at the Urban Affairs show in Germany (via Ekosystem)
  • The BBC has produced a great slideshow/interview with French photographer/ street artist JR on his work in Rio’s oldest Favela (via ektopia)
  • Post economic bust ghost towns photographed by Edgar Martins (via mental floss)
  • Fancy Fast Food is an amazing site in which cooks take fast food favorites and reinterpret them into “Fine Dining” items like a beautiful quiche made from a burger king croissanwich ( via TWBE)
  • Another great day in Atlanta
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

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    New Millenium 7/02/09

    Damn mess.
    A Big Mess

  • In these trying economic times artists are doing things that just a year ago would have horrified their dealers. Case in point is Mike Giants open studios in which he is selling new originals and prints for cash on the barrel. (via TWBE)
  • “Ironically, the younger generations in general don’t perceive corporate involvement to be a negative—there isn’t the same stigma as there was when I was younger; an artist can have a gallery exhibition and be highlighted on a commercial billboard right outside the gallery with no ill effect. For better or worse, that particular punk ethic seems to have dissipated and there are less starving artists because of it.” Dave Kinsey talks about the changing tides in our culture, for better or worse. (via citrus report)
  • George Clinton meeting Kraftwerk in an elevator. Detroits hottest export. (via av club)
  • The queen of x-rated dancehall slackness. (via heatwave)
  • Todays bit of Tortoise. An excellent album. (via blogasauras)
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    Somethin’ Like Diss Shawty 7/1/09

    Ushio Shinohara
    Boxing Painting Ushio Shinohara (via Target Practice at SAM)

  • Who say’s you can’t take it with you. A look at the burgeoning funerary architecture business in Culiacan (via mananarama)
  • Jesus Saves, particularly if you are wearing the right tshirt. (via senses lost)
  • “The people that ride these bikes have to know what they’re doing,” he said. “And in my opinion fixies really ruin your knees. You’re not young forever, how far do you really want to follow the hype?” Berlin cracks down on the Fixed gear trend (via good)
  • Taking street portraits with Clay Enos (via Wired)
  • A peek into the working process of HunterGatherer
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

    more about "HunterGatherer on Vimeo", posted with vodpod

  • This is about as close to a tribute to MJ as I will get
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