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Candi’s Funk 4/30/09

jacob magraw mickelson
Jacob Magraw Mickelson

  • 2F2K homie Guillermo Scott Herren a/k/a Muerte b/k/a Prefuse 73 (Cosmic Latinos por vida) has a pretty good interview up in which he discusses his newest Prog inspired masterpiece. (via flavorwire)
  • I want this poster – Info Graphic on the U.S.populations drugs of choice by region. (via good)
  • Lets play a little game – Who is the next Kostabi? (via artinamerica)
  • Lets keep it simple here. I Love Disco. now that thats been established I want you to know that London also loves Disco. (via PSFK)
    runs The Exchange, one of the best graffiti websites out there.It’s been on hiatus for the past couple of years but is now back better than ever. The premise is writers from around the world exchange sketches of each others names and try to paint them in their own style while working with the other persons style. It makes for some really cool results. Basically it’s a graff MFA Program
  • The five classes of Street Art collectors (via Guardianuk)
  • Bruk Bruk Bruk, CHOOOON!!!!

    JME takes Gyalhattan
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    Rest in Paradise

    Ernie Barnes
    In The Beginning Ernie Barnes 1938 – 2009

    The great figurative painter Ernie Barnes has died.
    Sf Chronicle

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    Another Love 4/27/09

    Chase UCA
    Chase UCA DTK 1993 (via artcrimes)

    I am curating an art show that opens May 14th at Vermillion Gallery in Seattle, Wa. The show is called “Desmadre: Fresh Latino Perspectives” and is basically an opportunity to showcase an amazing group of emerging Latino artists that are incorporating cultural themes into work that maintains a strong contemporary focus. We have been interviewing the artists involved and are almost through the group of them. It’s a pleasure working on projects that are motivated by authenticity. If you are in the Seattle area please come through to the opening party, It should be great fun.

  • A cool article about the opening weekend at Kissena Velodrome in Queens, NY. (NYT)
  • A couple of dispatches from the Gonz. 1 and 2
  • Are we entering the Post Auto-Tune era? (via mentalfloss)
  • Every Day is Earth Day!!!!! Check out Mike Perry’s paperless zine to recharge your hydrogen fuel cell. (via Funderburgh)
  • Art Review wonders “Who cares what David Hockney does with his iPhone?
  • In Todays episode of Dipshits with Douchebags we have the ever so original Mr. Brainwashed and the Brilliant art commentator Carson Daley chatting about the vagaries of the street art world. Kill me now.(via Jux)
  • Antwuan
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    Westbound Train 4/27/09 (video Box)

    Taliah Lempert
    Arones Mercian Taliah Lempert 2005

  • “is the last name of the artist as important as the visual legacy he or she leaves behind?” A UK paint company has won the legal right to register the name Picasso for it’s products without the families consent. (via myartspace)
  • 2F2k buddy artist Robert Hardgrave has just uploaded a collection of his work from the past year online. All I got to say is it needs more painted tanks.
  • John Waters gives us a tour of his art
  • Downtown 1981
  • Jose Parla a/k/a Ease, City Views
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    Keep On Knocking 4/24/09

    The Nature of Time Mars-1 2009

  • You need to know that the onestop spot for they dutty dutty is homeboy Skip’s jump SuperDuty ToughWork. Dude has taken over my ipod on the forreals.
  • The greatest performance(nsfw) at Coachella. I was hoping to see Naked Wizzerd but Police Brutality was just as good if not better. (Via daily Swarm)
  • “They were trying to figure out how I got up so high. I think I told them I was smoking angel dust and that’s how I had gotten up so high and laughed.” 2f2k friend Ghost RIS is getting mad love these days, what with Stussy putting out a book about his art to accompany a new line of shirts. read his interview. (via donutchocula)
  • “I wanted to make the process of painting with spray-paint more like painting rather than, say, like an architectectual drawing. I was trying to be more creative and have the elements that go into painting a character, but with letters. I really like the idea of trying to make the letters a texture, like melting wax, or plastic-y.” Interview with EWOK MSK. (Via Bunnykitty)
  • One of my favorite videos. Of particular note is Sean Young’s part in the park.
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    No Fun 4/23/09

    Osaka Fish TitiFreak 2009 (via)

  • Interview with Sway and Joe of the group 2Fingers (via quietus)
  • A great read from Simon Reynolds about the influence JG Ballard had on the early darkwave/ postpunk music scene. (via daily swarm)
  • “The only thing new is you finding out about it.” You need to check out the 5 part interview of Mike Watt on the VBS show Soft Focus (via clubmumble)
  • “Maybe this is how the normal world is and what we experienced for the last five years is a complete anomaly, so it’s pointless to sit back and say: “I’ll wait until it gets better.” Maybe it won’t.” Street Art svengali Steve Lazarides isn’t going to sit back and wait for something to happen with the art market. He’s too busy making it happen. (Via TAN)
  • Glen E. Friedman tours his show at Subliminal
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    Peck Ya Neck 4/21/09

    David Choong Lee
    David Choong Lee

  • William Burroughs on Cutups a/k/a Collage, remixe, sampling. (via boing boing)
  • Video interviews of Dondi, Stylemaster General. (via jerseyjoe)
  • I am a big fan of the artist Jamie Hewlett. He is definitely one of my favorite comics illustrators of all time. Anyway there is a Gorillaz ( he did them) documentary out now. Check out Bananaz at (via PSFK)
  • Disney animators knew when they had a good thing going. Duplicate dances from the Disney studios (via cr)
  • HBO takes the narcocorrido mainstream (via Blackbook)
  • Henry and Martha
  • LA Legend Slick
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