Hi Jinx 2/18/09

Romare Bearden
Return of the prodigal son Romare Bearden 1967

  • “When you lock the water, you lock the cock. When you open the pipe, you are turned on.” A lil time with Pipecock Jackson (via Flavorwire)
  • How can the symbol of Americas slide into imperialistic hubris remind me so much of my hometown? Photographer Christopher Sims shows us the soft underbelly of Gitmo. (via Good)
  • Legendary Soul unit the Daptones ( think Sharon Jones, Amy Winehouse, Rod Stewart?!!!) recently had their studio broken into. What a drag. (via frank151)
  • “I’m not trying to make an argument that graffiti is art and not vandalism,I hope I’ve made it clear that it’s both.” NYTimes interviews Sociologist Gregory Snyder about his new book “Graffiti Lives: Beyond the Tag in New York’s Urban Underground”
  • Midnight Ice Cream.

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