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Edge of Canvas resources

This is a resource for the Edge of the Canvas class at Seattle Art Museum. The artists listed are just the tip of the iceberg of amazingly inventive people who are creatively contributing to our surroundings with ephemeral art. These artists were chosen specifically for their unique approaches to what is considered Street art.


Jean Michel Basquiat a/k/a Samo

Ellis G
ellis g
Arrested Motion interview

Barry McGee a/k/a Twist
Barry McGee
Swindle Magazine interview

Anthony Lister
anthony lister
Fecal Face Interview
Interview with Zak Smith for Rumpus

gammablog interview

Poster Boy
poster boy
NYMag Profile


NY Times Profile

Aakash Nihalani
aakash nihalani
NY Times Magazine interview
Vodpod videos no longer available.

David Ellis a/k/a Skwerm
david ellis

Judith Supine
judith supine
Articles from the Village Voice


Mark Jenkins
mark jenkins
Myartspace Interview

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Rundown on Kenya Project
BBC Faces of Favelas

Graffiti Research Lab
Graffiti Research Lab

Vodpod videos no longer available.

NY Times interview

Deuce 7
deuce 7
deuce 7
Village Voice Profile


Wooster Collective
What You Write
Arrested Motion
The Seventh Letter
Art Crimes“”


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Have Mercy Mr. Percy 6/19/09

Judith Supine (via New Image

My web connection is spotty but I will try to keep up. I am slowly going t add more original content to the site in the form of reviews and such so get ready world.

  • Graffiti legend “IZ THE WIZ” will be missed
  • “You’d be polite, and pick up, and say ‘Hello’ and be surprised at what was at the other end of the line, maybe directing your future for the next minutes, hours, days. That’s why in the studio we never have telephones. We choose to go into the music, creative process. Once this is finished, and we close the session, we come out again, and then, we’ve enough time to get in contact with our friends.”
    Kraftwerk’s Ralf Hütter discusses the quaintness of telephones before the Cell age. (via daily swarm)
  • Trashy Trash DJ Same DNA has a mixtape you need to hear
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    Randomness of Chance 6/4/09

    Michael Genovese
    Steal, Quietly, Question Michael Genovese 2008

  • “I don’t know if it’s sad, pathetic or what, but I don’t think so. I mean, nothing has felt too terribly wrong yet and I generally have a good moral compass—all things considered. I really try not to over-think this shit. Otherwise you just wind up sounding like phenomenologist Shepard Fairey. So let’s just say I ran away and joined the circus and leave it at that.” Skateboard graphics legend and exploiter of stupid human tricks Sean Cliver hasn’t gone too far ….yet. (via Vapors)
  • “Yeah, I’m rolling weed,” he said. “I have a medical card. I’m a weed smoker.” Skateboard Pro Jereme Rogers Walks the edge after a bit of a funky mushroom trip on his roof (via ignored prayers)
  • Did you know there is a cassette copy of the Talking Heads in the Space Station? That lil bit of info is courtesy of this guided tour of David Byrnes studio (via PSFK)
  • Wooster has a cool video up of Dain, a pensioner who is putting some of the most vital work up in the mean streets of NYC
  • Colossus of Roads
  • A day in the life of The One
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    JA XTC

    ja xtc

    One of my all time favorite Graffiti writers is the Bad man JAone XTC. Dude has crazy exploits and really changed the way folks thought about all out bombing. He was one of the definitive NYC writers in the early nineties. Just check this article from Rolling Stone magazine about Him – ROLLING STONE,FEB 9,1995
    JA is also an actor, who has been in Films like Karate Kid 3 and Whiteboys.


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    Keep On Knocking 4/24/09

    The Nature of Time Mars-1 2009

  • You need to know that the onestop spot for they dutty dutty is homeboy Skip’s jump SuperDuty ToughWork. Dude has taken over my ipod on the forreals.
  • The greatest performance(nsfw) at Coachella. I was hoping to see Naked Wizzerd but Police Brutality was just as good if not better. (Via daily Swarm)
  • “They were trying to figure out how I got up so high. I think I told them I was smoking angel dust and that’s how I had gotten up so high and laughed.” 2f2k friend Ghost RIS is getting mad love these days, what with Stussy putting out a book about his art to accompany a new line of shirts. read his interview. (via donutchocula)
  • “I wanted to make the process of painting with spray-paint more like painting rather than, say, like an architectectual drawing. I was trying to be more creative and have the elements that go into painting a character, but with letters. I really like the idea of trying to make the letters a texture, like melting wax, or plastic-y.” Interview with EWOK MSK. (Via Bunnykitty)
  • One of my favorite videos. Of particular note is Sean Young’s part in the park.
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    Posting Notice – Sunny day in Seattle 4/15/09

    I’m actually going to have to cut it short here and handle some stuff with my uncle sam.
    Catch you on the flipside Homie.

  • Studio visit with Judith Supine (via Arrested Motion)
  • Imagine that instead of the paltry $50million given to the NEA for the stimulus we tried to go the same route as the Japanese and fully invested in the “Soft Power” of culture. Imagine all the people……. (via AMM)
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    Sub Routines 3/12/09

    Antonio Frasconi
    Twins Antonio Frasconi 1947

  • A short trip through the calling cards of 70’s/80’s Chicago gangs (via supervision)
  • 3 artists who demonstrate how the politics of the age affected the development of modern art (via mental floss)
  • French street artist Space Invader has a new documentary about his “Invasions” of the worlds cities (via visual culture)
  • “Fairey’s willful pattern and practice is to repeatedly copy the works of other artists and photographers, While plaintiffs have attempted to cloak their actions in the guise of politics and art, there is no doubt that they are profiting handsomely from their misappropriation.” AP finally sues Shep Fairey over the Obama image. To make matters worse he is also getting hit with 29 other vandalism charges in Boston. I bet he wishes he didn’t brag about being more up than any graff writer in Boston. Also in an effort to save face, or protect his neck in this lawsuit business he has dropped his cease and desist case with the steeler baby.
  • Best style? Most respected? Outtakes from the seminal 1982 graffiti documentary Style Wars (via wyw)
  • “We all wandered into a country fair, where we could at least find some shade and cold drinks. I remember I took some pictures of Kurosawa walking around, including one that shows him in the midst of a Cajun band, the Louisiana Playboys.” Wim Wenders lazy sunday with Coppola, Lucas, and Kurosawa (via guardian)
  • It’s all about production at Flavor Paper (via funderburg)
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