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Love won’t be easy 7/6/09

Matt Lee
South Indian Film Posters Matt Lee ( via Jux)

  • An extended look at the work of Mode 2, Sharp, Delta, and Enron at the Urban Affairs show in Germany (via Ekosystem)
  • The BBC has produced a great slideshow/interview with French photographer/ street artist JR on his work in Rio’s oldest Favela (via ektopia)
  • Post economic bust ghost towns photographed by Edgar Martins (via mental floss)
  • Fancy Fast Food is an amazing site in which cooks take fast food favorites and reinterpret them into “Fine Dining” items like a beautiful quiche made from a burger king croissanwich ( via TWBE)
  • Another great day in Atlanta
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

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    Black Diamonds 6/2/09

    Mode 2
    Mode2 at Weserburg

  • “the ‘freeconomics’ model of most web businesses is providing opportunities for social interaction to those who have dropped out of or been abandoned by the traditional meatspace support systems” Increasingly access to the internet is changing the hazards of homelessness (via futurismic)
  • Oaxacan Street art, so vibrant and from what I understand primarily done by young female teachers. (via oh so arty)
  • “On weekend nights we dance until dawning/Then go to hear the speeches at Hyde Park, Sunday mornin’/What if it should start in rainin’/I’ve got a boy, so who’s complainin’/This London life is the life for me.” A look at the short lived Swinging London magazine “London Life” (via CRBLOG)
  • The Misunderstood Cryptozoological Vandal
  • Children of The Grave
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    calypsol 2/24/09

    Steve powers
    Everything… Stephen Powers 2007

  • 2f2k friend sculptor Mike Leavitt has a show coming up at Fuse Gallery in NYC. In these post art market boom days more and more of us will need to find a good pair of paper shoes. (via TOAR)
  • Chor Boogie recently went to Brazil painting some commissions as well as collaborate with photographer Jihan Abdalla on her documentation of prostitutes in Brazil (via Ekosystem)
  • Billionaire art dealer claims contemporary art market is a fraud, quietly mentions he has some picasso’s for sale. (via Hrag Vartanian)
  • I wonder if this is something that was sanctioned by MOMA, or did these two guys just develop the worlds most genius marketing campaign for a museum without getting paid. Poster Boy & Aakash Nihalani Remix the MoMA Collection (via PSFK)
  • Format has three great interviews with some of my favorite artists up right now. Check in with Mode 2, Ghost, and Emory Douglas.
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