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Possessed. 5/29/09

Rime Ceaze msk
Rime Ceaze MSK

  • Suicidal tendencies Mike Muir listens to the radio not to see whats out there but to be reminded about what he hates. Kinda like why I do this blog. (via streetboners)
  • Dave Choe discusses his experiences painting the offices of Facebook – images (via bloomberg)
  • a Cool video from the Generation one show in LA in which they brought out alot of westcoast legends to do some bodypainting and hang some canvas. But for real it’s all about the Duster segment. (via WYW)
  • A Photo diary from the ArteBA art fair in buenos Aires. It looks like Street art is really overtaking the South American art scene. (via Interview)
  • I can think of plenty of empty paperboxes that could use some of this. Street artist Posterchild gardens in the city. (via Good)
  • Puerto Rico, Whoaa
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    Rhymes with Sex 5/27/09

    Multi Plex

  • Repurpose : Hardware hackers
  • I’m not much of a justice fan but this video rules
  • Ceaze Mad Society King Doing it Large
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

  • SF Meets Tokyo Inna Neon Chamber
  • Old School Freaks Get Ready To Rock
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    Cock Knee Trans Lation 5/26/09

    Mary Virginia Carmack
    Journaux Mary Virginia Carmack

  • A look back at the precipitous ledge (called the art market) that some jumped off of and others are holding onto for dear life ( via artloves$$)
  • A lil insight into the mind of Ray Potes, Hamburger Eyes (via Citrus report)
  • A studio visit with Ron English (via arrested motion)
  • “I am the custodian, the curator of the images that live in my mind. Every image has first entered my mind, travelled through my heart, my blood – arriving at the end of my hand. Everything has come through me.” British artist Tracy Emin runsdown her favorite 5 drawings, exploring the moments she recorded. (via guardian uk)
  • Robbie Conal Gives us 11 reasons why he gets up everyday to do the do. (via Blackbook)
  • I put a spell on you……
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    Social Living 5/22/09

    James Roper
    Ataxic Reversal James Roper 2008

  • When you want to talk about hot sauce there is only one I care about ……SriRacha. (via PSFK)
  • “The processes of achieving this in an integrated way required a level of layered delicacy and subtleness which was frankly new to our music. I wanted the visual aspects and packaging designs to capture this element as well and this required a lot of breathing time with the various ideas to see how they settled, in the longer term.” SUNN 0))) discusses the effort made in presenting a visual component to their heavy drone metal (via crblog)
  • “Fine art is fun, but only if you have rich parents.” A review of the new book “Overspray: Riding High with the Kings of California Airbrush Art” (via Hrag Vartanian)
  • Sometime Samurai’s
  • ‘Burque stylee
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

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    Yeti mistake 5/21/09

    Troy Lovegates
    Troy lovegates a/k/a Other

  • These are definitely not the Lego’s I grew up playing with. Check out the new Frank Lloyd Wright collection. (via psfk)
  • Reminiscing about High school ( a certain school with an amazing Alumni list) with Rime (via jersey joe)
  • “It has always been a joke in the family. People would always say: ‘Are you any relation to Bob Marley?’ and I would say: ‘Yes, he’s my cousin’. We would laugh about it. Now it turns out it is the gospel truth.” Meet the white marley’s (via daily swarm)
  • “In Maputo, alleged criminals are killed by necklacing – putting a tyre around their neck, filling it with petrol, and setting it alight – a method used in South African townships in the 1980s against alleged apartheid spies.” The brutality of extreme poverty in Mozambique (via gold coast)
  • Germans do the darndest things

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    Sub Liminal 5/19/09

    Revs Sculpture via WYW

  • Iggy Pop sells car insurance in the UK. I believe that is the signal to burn your house and move to the woods. (via Daily Swarm)
  • NY Skate/Streetwear company Supreme talks to Malcolm McClaren about the subcultures he has mined. (Via highsnobiety)
  • I dig the work of some of the artists in Paper Magazine’s “Rebranding America” project but is it really an issue with branding that is Americas problem? (via OAR)
  • “I was one of those kids who absolutely hated school. I always felt that I didn’t quite fit into the education system as it was and yearned to find a place to belong. I started the Make Something!! program to be a home for kids who feel as displaced in school as I did.” Aaron Rose’s “Make Something” workshops have found some deep pockets in Kanye West to help it continue growing (via Wooster)
  • Barry McGee will go on forever with his cop evading tips if you let him (via art21)
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

    more about "The Big Sad // Current", posted with vodpod

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    Back In Stride 5/18/09

    Desmadre Arte
    Images from the Desmadre : Fresh latino Perspectives In America opening

  • In These Trying Economic Times. Henry Moore sculpture gets cut up and sold for scrap by Gypsies (via AFC)
  • Why does this bug me so much? Why place “Street Art/ Graffiti” in a hall full of old dead white guy furniture? Do they expect the respectability will some how rub off on it? Bah!!! (via Jux)
  • “to call that the end of pop reminded me of white, male post-structuralists moaning ‘didn’t you know the author is dead?’ when in the 1980s for example black feminists promoted and claimed authorship in the name of identity politics.” A discussion about the changing definition of what makes Pop culture pop. (via Frieze)
  • NYC Scrap Trains Circa 1997
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