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Videodrome 7/30/09

Briar bonfacio
“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” Matthew Briar Bonifacio Rodriguez 2009

It’s been so hot here in Seattle that it’s hard to sit down at my extremely hot powerbook. So for today it’s just films I like right now.

  • Vodpod videos no longer available.

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    Westbound Train 4/27/09 (video Box)

    Taliah Lempert
    Arones Mercian Taliah Lempert 2005

  • “is the last name of the artist as important as the visual legacy he or she leaves behind?” A UK paint company has won the legal right to register the name Picasso for it’s products without the families consent. (via myartspace)
  • 2F2k buddy artist Robert Hardgrave has just uploaded a collection of his work from the past year online. All I got to say is it needs more painted tanks.
  • John Waters gives us a tour of his art
  • Downtown 1981
  • Jose Parla a/k/a Ease, City Views
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    Cut at the Knees or why am I so busy 4/3/09

    Mad busy today so I hope to see y’all on Monday. Enjoy this

  • Sneak peek into Jose Parla’s new show in Hong Kong (via arrested motion)
  • Dr. Sex on the prowl:
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    Hi Karate 2/19/09

    Jose Parla
    Jose Parla 2006

  • Justin Giarla from San Francisco gallery Shooting Gallery has produced a new film documenting the pop surrealist movement that has stormed the ivory gates of the art establishment. Though the name is kinda meh, New Brow looks like a pretty solid survey of whats going down in that scene.
  • Subvertisingis a growing movement of Artists that are taking back the public space from the media corporations that dominate the visual experience of cities,
  • This is what it looks like to be above it all and only surround yourself with luxury. Scenes from YSL’s art collection. (via NYT)
  • Kanye gets into the pit to do some Datamoshing (via PSFK)
  • For The Love Of Gold, Spanish artist Eugenio Merino comments on the final step for Damien Hirst to increase his arts value. Also a great interview with him from FAD (via Guardian UK)
  • In the ongoing war against the terror of an Instamatic, NYC police are racking up the court cases because of their policy of harassing anybody with a camera in the subway system. (via NYT)
  • Joe Cuba, RIP :
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