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Hi-Life 2/15/09

Todd “REAS” James 2007

  • Gang Gang Dance, Whose video with Tinchy Stryder was featured here a couple of weeks ago, has suffered a horrendous setback when all of their gear was burned up after a gig in Amsterdam. And No I do not mean they smoked it up either, you cretins. (via Daily Swarm)
  • Peter Schjeldahl visits Shep Fairey’s ICA show for the New Yorker and wonders if he “meant to ridicule rebellion”. (via C-monster)
  • Norwegian Death Metal. Early Acid House. Killl. (via Frieze)
  • “The greed that we saw in the art world was coupled with the greed that we were seeing in society at large, so we tried to do shows that shifted the emphasis.” Controversial gallery Triple Candy reopens in Harlem (via tcop)
  • Citrus Report has a couple of interviews up from friends of 2f2k. Check out Peekaboo and Jesse Reno talking about whats really good.
  • Photography Is Not A Crime. The Counter Terrorism Act allows for the arrest and imprisonment of anyone whose pictures are “likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism”. (via FAD)
  • French street art legend Blek Le Rat
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    Fatal Distraction 1/29/09

    French Photographer/ street artist JR has a new project going on in Kibera Kenya that looks amazing. See the whole process in installments 1, 2, 3 via Mare 139’s Blog

  • In these trying times what the public needs to know is that the government is eager to spend several million dollars to remove a tag in LA. (via What You Write)
  • Puppet Iggy doesn’t take that shit, SEEN!!! (via CR Blog)
  • I am completely obsessed with regional dance fads. I think it stems from my time in the ATL and the seasonal dance fads there like the ATL Jams or the Bankhead Bounce. Well to my joy Bombin’ Magazine has a great series on the new NYC steez called Lite Feet/ Getting Dark. Watch out when you see me on the dance floor. My shoes will be off before you know it.
  • Inflatable artwork creator is blamed for the deaths of 2 patrons. ( via Guardian UK)
  • Voodoo Funk is a wikked radio show and Blog about the lost funk of West Africa. Now there is going to be a documentary about the man who has made it his mission to bring these sounds to the world.

    Vodpod videos no longer available.

  • Tinchy Stryder Murking a Gang Gang Dance Beat. Boh!!!
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