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summer magic 6/12/09

Chor Boogie
Chor Boogie

  • The First Annual C-Monster Venice Biennial Awards. The best roundup of the exposition I’ve read so far.
  • How Droll. Pharrell, Murakami, and Jacob the Jeweler make some really lame shit for Art Basel and folks are starting to realize just how much they love Cupcakes iced with baby lotion
  • “Our whole approach was what you might call ‘none design’ meaning that Jerry would root out any attempts by John and I to introduce gratuitous design embellishments. This ruthless weeding process resulted in bold, simple, direct graphics and is probably the main reason that the Two Tone style has such an enduring impact.” A look at one of the most important design aesthetics from my formative years. (via crblog)
  • “They’re not interested in expensive green technologies or recycling programs—the point is reuse, to breathe new life into the city’s detritus and build a new, separate world from those remains. “We’re not perfect,” Swoon says. “How much jet fuel was used to fly all of us here? But we’re not going to let being imperfect stop us. If you are too rigid in your ethics, you undo positive action.” I really like the whole hobo/digger aesthetic of Swoons projects. NYMag article here
  • A unique blend of sport, art and Spontaneity. Ed Templeton.
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

    more about "Being Ed Templeton", posted with vodpod

  • I think it’s some sort of statement about fast food and animal welfare
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    Slipping into Dankness 6/9/09

    Swoon - swimming cities
    “The Swimming Cities of Serenissima” Swoon 2009 (via)

  • It’s time to pack it all in. The NYTimes has an article about the new found respectability of graffiti. Blechhh (via WYW)
  • “Area others could call “rundown” or dilapidated, were in fact pretty charming. There was visible history on the facades with all their marks from generations of inhabitants. The buildings silently told stories of their inhabitants’ existences.” The paper facades of German artist Evol (via Interview)
  • The best way to buy one of those Faile “Prayer Wheel” things these days is to park your escalade underneath the Williamsburg Bridge and wait for a preteen to ride by on his bmx , you toss him the cash and he slips the sculpture to you. What you never bought crack before?
  • “A tiger that lives in a cage is much wilder than a tiger that is free to roam” A look at the underground fashion scene of communist East Germany (via)
  • Grand Finale has produced an inspiring documentary on 68 year old Bristol based reggae selector DJ Derek. The man lives life to the fullest touring the country armed only with a backpack full of killer tunes, his bus pass & an unquenchable thirst for real ale.
  • Dutty Whine – Special for Robert.
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    Cut Kult 2/27/09

    Denver v.Tucson carsonisdemented? via flickr

  • To keep up on my Steve Powers quota here is a pretty entertaining interview from nyGlob.
  • When you are surrounded by greatness remember to hit record.(via Daily Swarm)
  • Hmmm, How can I turn a potent image of struggle against colonial powers into a way to sell luxury vodka? (via Hipsterrunoff)
  • Cool subway map calendars that try to visually represent the character of the city (Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul) (via ILG)
  • Public transit goes green by using effective graffiti technique. Werd?!! (via Visual Culture)
  • Maira Kalman has made a great visual essay about a trip to view the Lincoln archives. (Via D Funderbugh)
  • Swoon is having a raffle of an original Piece of her work to support her project “Swimming Cities of Serenissima“. Get your ticket here
  • Slumdog 2 : The Need For Speed
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