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Edge of Canvas resources

This is a resource for the Edge of the Canvas class at Seattle Art Museum. The artists listed are just the tip of the iceberg of amazingly inventive people who are creatively contributing to our surroundings with ephemeral art. These artists were chosen specifically for their unique approaches to what is considered Street art.


Jean Michel Basquiat a/k/a Samo

Ellis G
ellis g
Arrested Motion interview

Barry McGee a/k/a Twist
Barry McGee
Swindle Magazine interview

Anthony Lister
anthony lister
Fecal Face Interview
Interview with Zak Smith for Rumpus

gammablog interview

Poster Boy
poster boy
NYMag Profile


NY Times Profile

Aakash Nihalani
aakash nihalani
NY Times Magazine interview
Vodpod videos no longer available.

David Ellis a/k/a Skwerm
david ellis

Judith Supine
judith supine
Articles from the Village Voice


Mark Jenkins
mark jenkins
Myartspace Interview

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Rundown on Kenya Project
BBC Faces of Favelas

Graffiti Research Lab
Graffiti Research Lab

Vodpod videos no longer available.

NY Times interview

Deuce 7
deuce 7
deuce 7
Village Voice Profile


Wooster Collective
What You Write
Arrested Motion
The Seventh Letter
Art Crimes“”


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Love won’t be easy 7/6/09

Matt Lee
South Indian Film Posters Matt Lee ( via Jux)

  • An extended look at the work of Mode 2, Sharp, Delta, and Enron at the Urban Affairs show in Germany (via Ekosystem)
  • The BBC has produced a great slideshow/interview with French photographer/ street artist JR on his work in Rio’s oldest Favela (via ektopia)
  • Post economic bust ghost towns photographed by Edgar Martins (via mental floss)
  • Fancy Fast Food is an amazing site in which cooks take fast food favorites and reinterpret them into “Fine Dining” items like a beautiful quiche made from a burger king croissanwich ( via TWBE)
  • Another great day in Atlanta
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

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    All Together now 4/2/09

    Phil Frost
    Phil Frost 2009 (sneek peek via supertouch)

  • Well It’s about time. The end of the Superstar dj era.
  • The silver lining to the dark clouds of economic unrest. (via tomorrow museum)
  • SupremeXDamienHirst actually not that bad (did you see the Koons boards) via Arrested Motion
  • Jonathon Jones contemplates why 19th century Ukiyo-e master Kuniyoshi seems so contemporary. Via GuardianUK)
  • “When they come home drunk they don’t have to listen to the rain on the metal and they can sleep very well.” A great article on the social benefits of JR’s work in the 3rd world (via AO)
  • “it was the teachers themselves, who were mostly women, who created the graffiti for the most part.” A review of a book about protest Graffiti in Oaxaca (via Jux)
  • “Hey buddy, can you spare a hunnerd billion?” Zimbabwe’s currency makes the perfect wallpaper (via Wooster)
  • A pixacao lesson from Os Gemeos (via WYW)
    Plus a good documentary on pixacao you need to see
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    Hi Fidelity 2/17/09

    David Choe
    Never Try Drugs, Ok Pot once David Choe 2006

  • Yo, Heshers can be nerds too. The life and times of Cliff Burton (via The Daily Swarm)
  • 2f2k friend, toy designer Le Merde has some cool videos of his process and his recent installation at GR2 runnin on the webs (via nakamura)
  • Does this count as Irony? (via TWBE)
  • A cool diagram comparing the amount of use transit systems in the U.S. receive compared to their counterparts across the globe. (via Good)
  • There is always a new Condo to complain about when the economy gets tough (via PSFK)
  • Members of NYC’s infamous Vandal Squad have a book coming out. There are some people who find it Ironic that these guys are trying to cash in on the notoriety of people whose lives they tried to destroy for making art. There is going to be a panel discussion in NYC on March 19 Featuring author Joseph Rivera, former Commanding Officer Lieutenant Steven Mona,
    Original Vandal Squad Lieutenant Ken Chiulli, graffiti legend COPE2,
    graffiti activist Ket, and street artist ELLIS G
    . As Ket points out, “Those of you with warrants might want to skip this one”.
  • “You realise when you do go to these places that there is no art. My aim is to show that art can work anywhere.” Has JR become the hot new thing for an art market in desperate need of some fresh ideas? (via ekosystem)
  • Artist Ron English discusses with CNN his role in creating the Obama art craze :
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    Power of Potential 2/04/09

    A Trip To Eric Elms Studio Darcel 2009

  • Was the dude arrested at the Poster Boy art opening just a fallguy, a patsy, somebody’s stooge? Somebody please stop this menace!!!!! (via Animal NY)
  • Where were you in ’92? A classic Breakbeat ‘ardcore mix by UK dubstep don Zomby (via flavorwire)
  • “He cleaned up really well,” she said, “but still there were these little shreds of carrots that said, ‘I was here.’ ” Legendary NYC street pitchman Joe Ades RIP (via PSFK)
  • A new collection of Alexander Girard objects from typography masters House Industries (via Handselecta)
  • A collection of stunning Ukiyo-e propoganda. (via But does it float)
  • Some cultures just don’t know how to treat a good watermelon right. (via FAD)
  • JR is finished with his work in Kenya and it looks amazing. This transcends the concept of “Street art” and moves more in the line of …. Jeesh I don’t know. it’s simply transfixing. (via M139)
  • A rundown on the debate over adding arts funding to the current stimulus plan (via Art 21)
  • Superflex defaces an American Institution. All I got to say is love it or Leave bucko!
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

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    Fatal Distraction 1/29/09

    French Photographer/ street artist JR has a new project going on in Kibera Kenya that looks amazing. See the whole process in installments 1, 2, 3 via Mare 139’s Blog

  • In these trying times what the public needs to know is that the government is eager to spend several million dollars to remove a tag in LA. (via What You Write)
  • Puppet Iggy doesn’t take that shit, SEEN!!! (via CR Blog)
  • I am completely obsessed with regional dance fads. I think it stems from my time in the ATL and the seasonal dance fads there like the ATL Jams or the Bankhead Bounce. Well to my joy Bombin’ Magazine has a great series on the new NYC steez called Lite Feet/ Getting Dark. Watch out when you see me on the dance floor. My shoes will be off before you know it.
  • Inflatable artwork creator is blamed for the deaths of 2 patrons. ( via Guardian UK)
  • Voodoo Funk is a wikked radio show and Blog about the lost funk of West Africa. Now there is going to be a documentary about the man who has made it his mission to bring these sounds to the world.

    Vodpod videos no longer available.

  • Tinchy Stryder Murking a Gang Gang Dance Beat. Boh!!!
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