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High Dudgeon 2/20/09

Miami Kaos
Miami Kaos 2009 via AnimalNY

  • They done too much, Much too ….young? The Specials get back together but without Jerry. Now thats Gangster.
  • Put a Donk on it!!!! The freshest sound to come out of a youth center. (via street carnage)
  • “I didn’t even think anything about taking flicks of it. I thought it would be a forever thing: that there would always be bombed subways.” Cope 2 talks about his early days coming up as a young Graff writer (via WYW)
  • Artist Mark Vallen asks should we really be celebrating the paltry $50 million for arts included in the Obama stimulus package when the budget for a typical crappy movie is in the range of $200 million.
  • “My involvement with the Poster Boy thing was just the legal aspect. Maybe I’ve given an interview or two about the Poster Boy movement and, like, I’ll show up like I did at the art show [in Soho] and create a piece, you know, as Poster Boy.” Is Henry Matyjewicz just blowing smoke up, or is he a genius at obscuring the facts. (via AFC)
  • “With virtually no commercial infrastructure for experimental art in place, artists had to create their own marginal, bootstrap model.” Holland Cotters call to arms for an art world that is struggling to find footing in the current economic environment.(via NYT)
  • Rude Bwoys Grab Your Rude Gyal and lets do the Ska :
    first the dance

    Now lets pick it up

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    Manteca 1/03/09

    Jay Ryan
    Hum 2 Jay Ryan 2008

  • Killer animation from Dutch artist Merijn Hos a/k/a BFree (via Ekosystem)
  • So whats the deal with Obamas’ cultural shift? Mark Vallen attempts to get through the rhetoric.
  • Burque Loc Mike Giant drops some info about his journey to this point in his life (via Fecal Face)
  • Dig the eye candy over at Nascent Ideas
  • Harold Hunter – Zoo York Mixtape 1997

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