Viet Ron, posting notice 7/15/09

Rene Mederos
1972 Viet Nam Series Rene Mederos via Javier Hernandez-Miyares amazing photoset on flickr

I have a curriculum to write and have been having a hard time concentrating on it so this week there may or may not be more posting but as it is it’s going to be spotty at best.

I do want to let folks know about the performance that I have facilitated for the Seattle Chinatown/ International District Artwalk this Saturday July 18. Seattle based avant Hip Hop group Linda and Ron’s Dad ( Think Christian Marclay meets RZA over blunt’s followed by some thrift store crate digging) performing their multi media piece Viet Ron. Viet Ron is a suite of music and candid video footage based on percussionist/artist Tyler Swans (Truckasauras, Foscil, LnRD) experiences while traveling through Viet Nam in 2007. While there Tyler acquired a small collection of war era Vietnamese pop records which he has recontextualized into a soundtrack for the footage he filmed while in country with his partner, artist Chi Pham. This will be only the 2nd time the complete Viet Ron suite will have been performed and the first time it will be performed in a gallery setting. The performance will be held :
July 18th @
666 Jackson street
between Maynard and 7th
in the Seattle International District
Chinatown Artwalk Map

The space will be open 5pm – 8pm
Viet Ron performance at 7pm
also featuring
photography by Carina del Rosario
Mosaics by Monica Rodriguez


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One response to “Viet Ron, posting notice 7/15/09

  1. i missed this when you posted it in july; i have some great stories about mederos that i can share with you.

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