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Cut Kult 2/27/09

Denver v.Tucson carsonisdemented? via flickr

  • To keep up on my Steve Powers quota here is a pretty entertaining interview from nyGlob.
  • When you are surrounded by greatness remember to hit record.(via Daily Swarm)
  • Hmmm, How can I turn a potent image of struggle against colonial powers into a way to sell luxury vodka? (via Hipsterrunoff)
  • Cool subway map calendars that try to visually represent the character of the city (Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul) (via ILG)
  • Public transit goes green by using effective graffiti technique. Werd?!! (via Visual Culture)
  • Maira Kalman has made a great visual essay about a trip to view the Lincoln archives. (Via D Funderbugh)
  • Swoon is having a raffle of an original Piece of her work to support her project “Swimming Cities of Serenissima“. Get your ticket here
  • Slumdog 2 : The Need For Speed
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