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go ride a bike today……

It’s my birthday so I am going to ride my bike with my son and enjoy myself.


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and we Repeat…… 3/30/09

Dr Lakra
See Dr Lakra

  • Misteriosa muerte de Abismo (via intersections)
  • Are the Christians going to do to street art what it did to skateboarding? (via animalny)
  • The future of scum punk is in the hands of some black kids from East NY (via street carnage)
  • Graff is on the upswing, becoming legal in Brazil and a low priority in SF (via tomorrows museum)
  • “There is also an element of the impulse to preserve these things and to pack your whole life onto a couple of hand-made rafts and set sail, which is about the feeling that the way we are living is coming apart at the seams, is destroying the world around us and will not last. These boats are not to be taken as a literal solution, but in the way that art distills a language from our imaginations and creates images that speak to us above and below the level of our spoken language, we are addressing these issues in our form.” Artist Swoon talks about her upcoming junk raft voyage across the Adriatic Sea (via arrested motion)
  • Some bloggers just don’t understand just how unseemly this preoccupation with Shepard Fairey is. I mean it’s simply a disgrace. Whatevs. Some bloggers need to stop trying to control the conversation.
  • Your not hardcore like us…….
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    Doing it 3/27/09

    Sean Sheffey
    Sean Sheffey photo: Tobin Yelland
    Just thought we could go it in style this week .
    Enjoy this fine selection of Sean Sheffey Videos

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    Unite 3/26/09

    Alëxone 2008

  • So this whole hoopla over Shepard Fairey’s AP Case has gotten a bit of fuel from the man himself in a response to his detractors on his website. And the detractors come back with apparently both barrels blazing. Blam. Blam. Blam. Blam. This is shaping up to be a real showdown at AP corral. My take on it is that Fairey refuses to acknowledge the difference between “Art with social commentary” and a marketing campaign. Just because the financial beneficiary of this campaign was a political figure makes no more difference than if it was McDonalds. Actually there is a difference, McDonalds would have paid for the license on the image.
  • Is it possible to not dig David Ellis’ work? I think not. (via Wooster)
  • Did you know there are 62 Lego bricks for every man, woman, and child on the planet. (via Guardianuk)
  • Big Picture: “the Mexican Drug Wall
  • Behind the scenes of The Ryan Mcginley operation (via NYGlob)
  • Don’t sweat the technique
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    Envious 3/25/09

    Alejandro Diaz
    That’s a shit Load of balloons Alejandro Diaz

  • Check it out: Chilean graf crew Brillos (via espvisuals)
  • What, Mf doom voted for McCain? (via Daily Swarm)
  • Frequent Aerial Graffiti Spotters
  • Photographer Matt Hoyle has made some pretty cool images of members of the last surviving sideshows in America (via CRBlog)
  • “I started to feel the opportunities that were flowing my way started to slow because I passed them up, or just took them for granted. Was it just a general recession of the art market or could it be that I wasn’t following my path and dreams to my fullest potential” 2f2k friend Joe “2H” Mcsween talks about his upcoming show in LA and some serious changes he has made in his work ( via arrested motion)
  • Alex Pardee can’t get enough of his Shia
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    Day and Night 3/24/09

    Albert Reyes
    “….pieces Fit” Albert Reyes

  • The man Lee Scratch Perry calls a vampire (via interview)
  • Audio interview with artist Chris Ware (via bas)
  • Why does grampa have that swastika carved in his forehead? Old man Manson (via nyglob)
  • C-monster asks Paul H-O which female artists he would like to see in a fight.
  • The real reason Andy Warhol was shot (via interview)
  • Utagawa Kuniyoshi, the 19th century creator of Manga (via GuardianUK)
  • 2f2k friend Ray Noland curates the Officially Unofficial art show
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

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    Salvation 3/23/09

    Today is just links because i just am not feeling good and need to close my laptop for a few hours.

  • There’s an arts surge in Mexico’s capital city that is bringing much needed attention to Latin amaerican artists and institutions. (via NYT)
  • “I am an outlaw king in the art world” Interview with reknowned graff villain Cap MPC (via senses lost)
  • Hey Y’all, It’s Sean Sheffey Week (via club Mumble)
  • I need this – Metagraffiti Graffiti Art Films , It’s somewhat like a graff film festival at your house without the scribing on your mirror. That is unless you get down like that. (via ektopia)
  • “Fairey’s claims to questioning authority through guerrilla interventions in the public sphere are jejune. Obey Giant is now an industry, Hello Kitty with pretensions.” Christopher Knight joins the chorus of folks talking about the dissonance between what Shep say’s and what he does (via LAT)
  • Suck my d**k Steve, It’s KET” The battle Royale between vandal squad and graff writers ended up being less bloodsport and more like group therapy (via wyw)
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