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Fatal Distraction 1/30/09

kosuke masuda
Cog Magazine Cover Kosuke Masuda 2009 via Trackosaurus

  • I love the lushness of classic Indian art. The rich colors and delicate motifs are amazing to experience so if you are in Seattle you need to visit the Seattle Asian Art Museum to see the show “Garden and Cosmos: The Royal Paintings of Jodhpur“. For a more contemporary take check out the works of Thukral and Tagra who explore hyper consumerism much in the same way as Murakami but following their own cultural aesthetics.
  • Kanye Wests Rat Pack look like a bunch of kooks that got lost in Paul Reubens closet. (Via AnimalNYC)
  • Street artist Mike Marcus brings the gallery outside with his “Red Dots” project. (via Art Politic)
  • “When those who dare call themselves “patriots”, display such mendacious and disparaging attitudes towards the best of American culture – barbarism will be found just around the corner”. Will Obama ever get a chance to fund the arts with the bunch of republican idiots thumping their chests for the camera (via Art For a Change)
  • Back in 1994 I lived in Atlanta and had the honor of meeting a couple of graffiti writers that have gone on to greatness one was Revok and the other Tackz. While Revok has become an icon in the art world Tackz seemed to disappear. Back in those days it seemed to me that Tackz was the main guy in this Dynamic Duo and everytime I heard about some exploit of Revoks I wondered what happened to the man. It’s good to see him being as original as I will always remember.
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    Fatal Distraction 1/29/09

    French Photographer/ street artist JR has a new project going on in Kibera Kenya that looks amazing. See the whole process in installments 1, 2, 3 via Mare 139’s Blog

  • In these trying times what the public needs to know is that the government is eager to spend several million dollars to remove a tag in LA. (via What You Write)
  • Puppet Iggy doesn’t take that shit, SEEN!!! (via CR Blog)
  • I am completely obsessed with regional dance fads. I think it stems from my time in the ATL and the seasonal dance fads there like the ATL Jams or the Bankhead Bounce. Well to my joy Bombin’ Magazine has a great series on the new NYC steez called Lite Feet/ Getting Dark. Watch out when you see me on the dance floor. My shoes will be off before you know it.
  • Inflatable artwork creator is blamed for the deaths of 2 patrons. ( via Guardian UK)
  • Voodoo Funk is a wikked radio show and Blog about the lost funk of West Africa. Now there is going to be a documentary about the man who has made it his mission to bring these sounds to the world.

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  • Tinchy Stryder Murking a Gang Gang Dance Beat. Boh!!!
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    Fatal Distraction 1/28/09

    remio, datefarmers
    Remio, Datefarmers via Kewlio on Flickr

  • “It gives me courage, and once I start skating, I completely forget about my fears.” An Article about how the groupSkateistan is bringing the healing powers of skateboarding to the kids of Afghanistan. (via NYT)
  • Fifty People, One Question (via Crush+Lovely)
  • British graphic design firm Designers Republic is kaput. If at any time in the 1990’s you were involved with electronic music, video games, or anything to do with a post globalism worldview you know their work. It’s a shame to see them go but it also sounds like it’s time for them to get back to their roots and leave the coca cola accounts behind. (via CR Blog)
  • The Cisneros collection of contemporary Latin American art is headed back to Venezuela after a decade on the run from the socialists. (via Culture Monster)
  • Italian street artist Blu is asking for support of the Squat called Cox 18 in Milano. I really love how many of the european street artists actually are involved with real social unrest. Sometimes it seems that here in America they tend to talk the talk but walk it all the way to the bank.
  • Wallpaper making artist Dan Funderburgh has finally launched his new site with a ton of amazing new designs.
  • Posterboy Catching fame with a Razor (via Bombin’)
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    Fatal Distraction 1/27/09

    Peter Taylor
    Handmade Feet Peter Taylor 2008

  • “It’s dark but not aggressive, It expresses the struggle of growing up in London with no money.” Londons dubstep scene is huge but can it break the curse of Bass culture. (via Interview)
  • The Simpsons continues to expose America to culture with references to Henry Darger and Joseph Cornell. View episode here (via Lightning History)
  • The comment on this post on Mare 139’s blog is the most interesting thing I’ve read today
  • LA graffiti writer/urban surrealist MearOne is facilitating our evolution. (via What You Write)
  • “I’m more overwhelmed now by the fact that when you look back on hip hop culture and in particular graffiti, you realize that it was invented by practically children. This whole culture that has taken over the world was the creation of kids who were living in their own world and doing what they did.” A great 4 part interview with Henry Chalfant and Tony Silver, Creators of the landmark graffiti film Style Wars (Via Stealth Mag)
  • Is an art reality show the final realization of the potential for conceptual art? BBC and Saatchi seek out the next big artist via TV show (via GuardianUK)
  • Barkely L. Hendricks – Birth of Cool : (via Frieze Magazine)
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    Fatal distraction 1/26/09

    Magda sayeg
    D.F. Bus Magda Sayeg 2008

  • “Rip the Ripper”, a tribute art show to the iconic ripper logo for Powell Peralta skateboards deigned by VCJ happened at ASR.
  • Artist Nicky Enright sets the community straight with an editorial about the true vandals of our landscapes, Geico. (via Bombin)
  • A tapestry of Picasso’s Guernica was once hidden from view so that we could be sold a bill of goods called Iraq. Good to know that the former Administration had a handle on the significance of art.
  • A cool interview with Warhol acolyte Gerard Malanga. I guess he made a painting 40 years ago that was a sendup of Warhol. Artist John Chambelin some how came into possession of it and had it authenticated as a Warhol and sold it for $5 million. Now there is a lawsuit. (via Interview)
  • The Most fun you can have in Kingston money can’t buy (via Afflicted Yard)
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    Tall Dark and Shadowy 1/23/09

    “Franklins Ramp” Dellene Peralta 1989

  • Arrested Motion has a cool contest up for a signed copy of the new Armsrock book. Well worth it.
  • How about instead of a cabinet position for the arts we ask Obama to actually help fund them. (via Art For Change)
  • More on the phenomena known as the Faireyfication of Obama. Or is it the Obamafication of Fairey? (via art21)
  • Remembering Salvador Dali (via GuardianUK)
  • Bootlegging Salvador Dali (via artdaily)
  • How do you say “Buddy can you spare a dime ” in Mandarin? Is China’s Art market done?
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    Tall Dark and Shadowy 1/22/09

    Ron English Abraham Obama
    Abraham Obama Ron English 2008 Installed in Seattle Jan. 20, 2009
    So this is the project I installed on inauguration day. It’s interesting to do this project because for most of my adult life I have never had much faith in the political system doing anything good for the common man. With this election I had the honor of seeing a man with a similar background as I (absent black father, single mother, raised by white grandparents, a genius) become the president. At first I tried to resist, figuring it would be a pipe dream that Obama would be elected but as the primary season moved along I was struck by the good will the man had towards his opponents, his grace under fire, and dude can sure charm people. So I bought in, voted for the first time since Clinton broke my heart in his first term (what no medical care ). I still want to see what happens now before anybody gets canonized but am willing to give Barak Obama the benefit of the doubt. I think that these prints will spark a much needed dialogue in the community about politics, about art, and about us as a nation.

  • Visual Culture explores the Visual Branding juggernaut that is OBAMA
  • Wonk Wonk Wonk The art Market blather blather blather Sucks yadda yadda yadda So What. (via Fad)
  • Jersey Joe is the Originoo Can clapper. Graffiti Don Dada. (via What You Write)
  • The WSJ gets its chones in a bunch over a graffiti book written by some scholarly ninja. Ninja Please. (via Bombin)
  • Great interview with Glyn “Bigga” Bush, of Rockers HiFi (via Reup)
  • Is a rich white guy adding Blackface to a photo of a Rasta really transformative? A bit more detail on the Richard Prince lawsuit (via The Art Newspaper).
  • Supertouch has the goods on the Todd James shows down under.
  • “you want to be a throat slasher, night stalker, or skateboarder?” More wisdom from the Gonz:

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