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Whats the word 3/3/09

Bill Dunlap
Bill Dunlap 2008

  • I guess the “PosterBoy/ Moma” thing was an actual commission by the museums PR firm. Funny thing is the Moma are not trying to endorse vandalism so they canned the pr firm. I am glad. (via animalny)
  • Don’t tell your moms because we don’t want her showing up to the party“. Fahamu Pecou is doing it big in Dallas.
  • Yoshitomo Nara describes his experience being arrested before his show in NY. (via art in america
  • I also think that Obama has a third eye. (via Good)
  • It’s amazing what can be shot on a single 8mm film cartridge. (via CR)
  • The bike racks of David Byrne (via If it’s hip)
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    calypsol 2/24/09

    Steve powers
    Everything… Stephen Powers 2007

  • 2f2k friend sculptor Mike Leavitt has a show coming up at Fuse Gallery in NYC. In these post art market boom days more and more of us will need to find a good pair of paper shoes. (via TOAR)
  • Chor Boogie recently went to Brazil painting some commissions as well as collaborate with photographer Jihan Abdalla on her documentation of prostitutes in Brazil (via Ekosystem)
  • Billionaire art dealer claims contemporary art market is a fraud, quietly mentions he has some picasso’s for sale. (via Hrag Vartanian)
  • I wonder if this is something that was sanctioned by MOMA, or did these two guys just develop the worlds most genius marketing campaign for a museum without getting paid. Poster Boy & Aakash Nihalani Remix the MoMA Collection (via PSFK)
  • Format has three great interviews with some of my favorite artists up right now. Check in with Mode 2, Ghost, and Emory Douglas.
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    High Dudgeon 2/20/09

    Miami Kaos
    Miami Kaos 2009 via AnimalNY

  • They done too much, Much too ….young? The Specials get back together but without Jerry. Now thats Gangster.
  • Put a Donk on it!!!! The freshest sound to come out of a youth center. (via street carnage)
  • “I didn’t even think anything about taking flicks of it. I thought it would be a forever thing: that there would always be bombed subways.” Cope 2 talks about his early days coming up as a young Graff writer (via WYW)
  • Artist Mark Vallen asks should we really be celebrating the paltry $50 million for arts included in the Obama stimulus package when the budget for a typical crappy movie is in the range of $200 million.
  • “My involvement with the Poster Boy thing was just the legal aspect. Maybe I’ve given an interview or two about the Poster Boy movement and, like, I’ll show up like I did at the art show [in Soho] and create a piece, you know, as Poster Boy.” Is Henry Matyjewicz just blowing smoke up, or is he a genius at obscuring the facts. (via AFC)
  • “With virtually no commercial infrastructure for experimental art in place, artists had to create their own marginal, bootstrap model.” Holland Cotters call to arms for an art world that is struggling to find footing in the current economic environment.(via NYT)
  • Rude Bwoys Grab Your Rude Gyal and lets do the Ska :
    first the dance

    Now lets pick it up

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    Power of Potential 2/04/09

    A Trip To Eric Elms Studio Darcel 2009

  • Was the dude arrested at the Poster Boy art opening just a fallguy, a patsy, somebody’s stooge? Somebody please stop this menace!!!!! (via Animal NY)
  • Where were you in ’92? A classic Breakbeat ‘ardcore mix by UK dubstep don Zomby (via flavorwire)
  • “He cleaned up really well,” she said, “but still there were these little shreds of carrots that said, ‘I was here.’ ” Legendary NYC street pitchman Joe Ades RIP (via PSFK)
  • A new collection of Alexander Girard objects from typography masters House Industries (via Handselecta)
  • A collection of stunning Ukiyo-e propoganda. (via But does it float)
  • Some cultures just don’t know how to treat a good watermelon right. (via FAD)
  • JR is finished with his work in Kenya and it looks amazing. This transcends the concept of “Street art” and moves more in the line of …. Jeesh I don’t know. it’s simply transfixing. (via M139)
  • A rundown on the debate over adding arts funding to the current stimulus plan (via Art 21)
  • Superflex defaces an American Institution. All I got to say is love it or Leave bucko!
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    Power of Potential 2/02/09

    Marco Zamora
    Hide And Seek Marco Zamora 2008

  • Street artist Poster Boy gets hemmed up by the fuzz at his own art opening after a media blitz that included videos and interviews on various blogs. If you want fame you’ll get fame, this is the streets and not a game. (via The Art Collectors)
  • Supertouch tries to polish the reputation of his good buddy Shepard Fairey by ignoring some important facts about the corporatization of street art. The Revolution will not be televised.
  • I’ve followed the Uganda Skateboard Union over the past couple of years and am always impressed with the ingenuity and devotion these kids have for the sport of skating. It seems that skateboards are the symbol of the USA that may help connect future generations across the globe. (via Club Mumble)
  • Interview discusses the debt owed to 60’s British TV series The Prisoner by todays fashion set.
  • Critic A.O Scott discusses the role of the critic in society. (via Hrag Vartanian)
  • Tamil musician and underground icon M.I.A. is making the most of her opportunities to share with us the fact that there is a genocide going on in her native Sri Lanka. She is doing interviews with print as well as TV outlets like Tavis Smiley (view) letting folks know whats going on. It’s great to see a pop star that cares for more than the newest Louis Vuitton release.
  • Rime a/k/a Jersey joe was asked to pimp out a trailer in New Jersey. He did and here is the documentation of possibly one of the funnest / weirdest painting sessions ever. kinda like Fellini goes to Edison. (via BunnyKitty)
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    Fatal Distraction 1/28/09

    remio, datefarmers
    Remio, Datefarmers via Kewlio on Flickr

  • “It gives me courage, and once I start skating, I completely forget about my fears.” An Article about how the groupSkateistan is bringing the healing powers of skateboarding to the kids of Afghanistan. (via NYT)
  • Fifty People, One Question (via Crush+Lovely)
  • British graphic design firm Designers Republic is kaput. If at any time in the 1990’s you were involved with electronic music, video games, or anything to do with a post globalism worldview you know their work. It’s a shame to see them go but it also sounds like it’s time for them to get back to their roots and leave the coca cola accounts behind. (via CR Blog)
  • The Cisneros collection of contemporary Latin American art is headed back to Venezuela after a decade on the run from the socialists. (via Culture Monster)
  • Italian street artist Blu is asking for support of the Squat called Cox 18 in Milano. I really love how many of the european street artists actually are involved with real social unrest. Sometimes it seems that here in America they tend to talk the talk but walk it all the way to the bank.
  • Wallpaper making artist Dan Funderburgh has finally launched his new site with a ton of amazing new designs.
  • Posterboy Catching fame with a Razor (via Bombin’)
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    Tall Dark and Shadowy 1/18/09

    Sea Levels Parskid 2008 (print avail. via Flatcolor)

  • “What do you think happened to all the dinosaurs?” I said, “I don’t know.” And you said, “I think they grew wings and flew away to another planet.” Chris Walken asks some questions of Mickey Rourke (via Interview)
  • Is it selfish to not buy into the hyper consumption that is being touted as a way out of our current economic crisis? Here’s five groups that ain’t trying to hear that see. ( via Good)
  • Admission to all Museums FREE!!!! or not. (via art for change)
  • “Sixteen at best, young black kid. No one else was around so I kept on working. A few minutes later I heard ripping noises: he’s ripping down a poster, just with a key or whatever, cutting out some guy’s head, putting it somewhere else. I loved that. I took it as a compliment so I gave him the thumbs-up. And he gave me the middle finger, like, ‘Fuck you! I don’t need your approval.” A discussion with Poster Boy (via Guardian UK)
  • Richard Bakers portraits of books (via Good)
  • If I ever declare a desire to head over to Jackson, Mississippi just remind me that I will probably go to jail. (via Boing Boing)
  • The History of My personal Downfall: (via Fubiz)
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  • Fully Flared animation:(via zlog)
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