Bubblin’ 7/27/09

Robert Hardgrave
Entitled Robert Hardgrave

  • Galleries are still getting battered by these trying economic times.(myartspace)
  • “I remember the extraordinary enthusiasm for the internet, but now it is a surveillance-work tool, or a social-work tool. What one dreams of is escaping that. The 90s ideas of cyberreality seem preposterous now. We design more and more elaborate means of captivity for ourselves.” Simon Critchley, nihilist philosopher, on social networking websites. (via Tomorrow museum)
  • “O’BRIEN: What did you make of Paul? I mean, the contradiction of making these films about all the things he was really always griping about—drugs and freaks and drag queens. Paul was always at the Factory saying, “Get that drug trash out of here.” And then he’s directing you shooting up.

    DALLESANDRO: I’m sure it was weird for him, but he felt it was a necessary part of the story he wanted to show. I remember him saying once that he was tired of films like Easy Rider [1969], you know, glamorizing smoking pot or drugs. He wanted to show drugs for what they really were. I mean, the biggest hope a drug addict could have was to get on welfare, you know? So I think he made his little points in his films.” Glen O’Brien talks to Lil’ Joe Dallesandro about working with Paul Morrisey and the Warhol factory (via interview)

  • I know I am late on this but this is a pretty interesting read on the circumstances surrounding the death of Dash Snow
  • I never thought i would ever say this but I can’t wait to see the new Tron Legacy movie.
  • Artist Dan Bordon’s video for Seattle band Truckasauras.
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    2 responses to “Bubblin’ 7/27/09

    1. Jedd

      You hear about Daft Punk doing the score for Tron? And, a related tour!? I am so stoked for that movie.

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