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Desmadres 2/23/09

Gregory Euclide
Scoring a chorus in the crests that could not be owned Gregory Euclide 2009

  • For those struggling with the quiet shame of utilizing an application that has been discontinued. Freehand Anonymous (via CR Blog)
  • Reinventing the rock poster
  • The creator of proto peer to peer folk legend Heavy Metal Parking, Jeff Krulik, discusses his strange journey documenting America’s social fabric (via triple canopy)
  • “Whether I’m speaking specifically about American racism or the Black Diaspora, or even identity politics, I’m always thinking about abstraction, about the way that the Modernist language of abstraction is told from a colonialist kind of jungle fever.” Kara Walker talks about her work and her reputation as “That” angry black artist. (via Blackbook)
  • Why do I feel so helpless? Is there a way to change all of this? Why not be a dirt farmer.
    The Greenhorns
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