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Keep On Knocking 4/24/09

The Nature of Time Mars-1 2009

  • You need to know that the onestop spot for they dutty dutty is homeboy Skip’s jump SuperDuty ToughWork. Dude has taken over my ipod on the forreals.
  • The greatest performance(nsfw) at Coachella. I was hoping to see Naked Wizzerd but Police Brutality was just as good if not better. (Via daily Swarm)
  • “They were trying to figure out how I got up so high. I think I told them I was smoking angel dust and that’s how I had gotten up so high and laughed.” 2f2k friend Ghost RIS is getting mad love these days, what with Stussy putting out a book about his art to accompany a new line of shirts. read his interview. (via donutchocula)
  • “I wanted to make the process of painting with spray-paint more like painting rather than, say, like an architectectual drawing. I was trying to be more creative and have the elements that go into painting a character, but with letters. I really like the idea of trying to make the letters a texture, like melting wax, or plastic-y.” Interview with EWOK MSK. (Via Bunnykitty)
  • One of my favorite videos. Of particular note is Sean Young’s part in the park.
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