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Edge of Canvas resources

This is a resource for the Edge of the Canvas class at Seattle Art Museum. The artists listed are just the tip of the iceberg of amazingly inventive people who are creatively contributing to our surroundings with ephemeral art. These artists were chosen specifically for their unique approaches to what is considered Street art.


Jean Michel Basquiat a/k/a Samo

Ellis G
ellis g
Arrested Motion interview

Barry McGee a/k/a Twist
Barry McGee
Swindle Magazine interview

Anthony Lister
anthony lister
Fecal Face Interview
Interview with Zak Smith for Rumpus

gammablog interview

Poster Boy
poster boy
NYMag Profile


NY Times Profile

Aakash Nihalani
aakash nihalani
NY Times Magazine interview
Vodpod videos no longer available.

David Ellis a/k/a Skwerm
david ellis

Judith Supine
judith supine
Articles from the Village Voice


Mark Jenkins
mark jenkins
Myartspace Interview

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Rundown on Kenya Project
BBC Faces of Favelas

Graffiti Research Lab
Graffiti Research Lab

Vodpod videos no longer available.

NY Times interview

Deuce 7
deuce 7
deuce 7
Village Voice Profile


Wooster Collective
What You Write
Arrested Motion
The Seventh Letter
Art Crimes“”


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Fatal Distraction 1/28/09

remio, datefarmers
Remio, Datefarmers via Kewlio on Flickr

  • “It gives me courage, and once I start skating, I completely forget about my fears.” An Article about how the groupSkateistan is bringing the healing powers of skateboarding to the kids of Afghanistan. (via NYT)
  • Fifty People, One Question (via Crush+Lovely)
  • British graphic design firm Designers Republic is kaput. If at any time in the 1990’s you were involved with electronic music, video games, or anything to do with a post globalism worldview you know their work. It’s a shame to see them go but it also sounds like it’s time for them to get back to their roots and leave the coca cola accounts behind. (via CR Blog)
  • The Cisneros collection of contemporary Latin American art is headed back to Venezuela after a decade on the run from the socialists. (via Culture Monster)
  • Italian street artist Blu is asking for support of the Squat called Cox 18 in Milano. I really love how many of the european street artists actually are involved with real social unrest. Sometimes it seems that here in America they tend to talk the talk but walk it all the way to the bank.
  • Wallpaper making artist Dan Funderburgh has finally launched his new site with a ton of amazing new designs.
  • Posterboy Catching fame with a Razor (via Bombin’)
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    Chingalero 12/10/08

    Robert Hardgrave
    Chronical Robert Hardgrave 2008

  • Boy do I dislike the holidays. I think you can chalk it up to all of the times during the gift swap in elementary school I always ended up with the book of Lifesavers. Well if there is any way to bring me back around to the yule time cheer it would be in the form of one of these great prints by Robert Hardgrave, Blu, or Chris Johanson. Of course they are a bit more than the Lifesavers but just do it for the Kid.
  • Second round of Art Basel recaps from Jewcy, The Art Collectors, Art Observed, NY Mag, and The Guardian
  • RIP Elmer Valentine, Owner of the Whiskey a Go Go and inventor of GoGo Girls.
  • The question for our age – Whats the difference between art, Design, and a Meme? (via Hrag Vartanian)
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    Blast off 11/30/08

    Warren Dykeman
    -Check out Warren Dykemans new show at BLVD Gallery through Dec. 6

    -How To Sleeve face:

    -Are the street art awards actually a major sting operation by Scotland Yard? Check the line up

    -Italian artist Blu recently did Berlin a solid:

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