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Heavy Mekkle 4/17/09

Shawn Mortensen
M. Gonzalez Shawn Mortensen Rest In Paradise

  • Who isn’t at least intrigued by Throbbing Gristle? I mean seriously.(via daily swarm)
  • Five thousand dollars in this time is five thousand dollars. Mother turns in her graffiti writing son for a reward. (via animalny)
  • Incredibly simple book cover design utilizing just a sheet of A4 (via crblog)
  • “Fairey’s assertion that the AP itself violated copyright laws when it used a photo of the artist’s “Hope” poster without getting permission. In other words, he’s arguing that the AP can’t reproduce an image by Fairey that the artist himself appropriated from the AP.” Ughh. This is starting to get ridiculous. Here is my favorite rebuttal to Faireys Huffpost blog about this recent move. (Via LAT)
  • “The style of classic underground Hip-Hop music production is the best way to describe my work. The art of sampling from obscurity and life, then rearranging the placements in your own style creating something completely original.” Interview with LA Graffiti Draftsman Kofie (via jux)
  • Jesse Reno, Painting Sharks
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    Unite 3/26/09

    Alëxone 2008

  • So this whole hoopla over Shepard Fairey’s AP Case has gotten a bit of fuel from the man himself in a response to his detractors on his website. And the detractors come back with apparently both barrels blazing. Blam. Blam. Blam. Blam. This is shaping up to be a real showdown at AP corral. My take on it is that Fairey refuses to acknowledge the difference between “Art with social commentary” and a marketing campaign. Just because the financial beneficiary of this campaign was a political figure makes no more difference than if it was McDonalds. Actually there is a difference, McDonalds would have paid for the license on the image.
  • Is it possible to not dig David Ellis’ work? I think not. (via Wooster)
  • Did you know there are 62 Lego bricks for every man, woman, and child on the planet. (via Guardianuk)
  • Big Picture: “the Mexican Drug Wall
  • Behind the scenes of The Ryan Mcginley operation (via NYGlob)
  • Don’t sweat the technique
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    Salvation 3/23/09

    Today is just links because i just am not feeling good and need to close my laptop for a few hours.

  • There’s an arts surge in Mexico’s capital city that is bringing much needed attention to Latin amaerican artists and institutions. (via NYT)
  • “I am an outlaw king in the art world” Interview with reknowned graff villain Cap MPC (via senses lost)
  • Hey Y’all, It’s Sean Sheffey Week (via club Mumble)
  • I need this – Metagraffiti Graffiti Art Films , It’s somewhat like a graff film festival at your house without the scribing on your mirror. That is unless you get down like that. (via ektopia)
  • “Fairey’s claims to questioning authority through guerrilla interventions in the public sphere are jejune. Obey Giant is now an industry, Hello Kitty with pretensions.” Christopher Knight joins the chorus of folks talking about the dissonance between what Shep say’s and what he does (via LAT)
  • Suck my d**k Steve, It’s KET” The battle Royale between vandal squad and graff writers ended up being less bloodsport and more like group therapy (via wyw)
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    Sub Routines 3/12/09

    Antonio Frasconi
    Twins Antonio Frasconi 1947

  • A short trip through the calling cards of 70’s/80’s Chicago gangs (via supervision)
  • 3 artists who demonstrate how the politics of the age affected the development of modern art (via mental floss)
  • French street artist Space Invader has a new documentary about his “Invasions” of the worlds cities (via visual culture)
  • “Fairey’s willful pattern and practice is to repeatedly copy the works of other artists and photographers, While plaintiffs have attempted to cloak their actions in the guise of politics and art, there is no doubt that they are profiting handsomely from their misappropriation.” AP finally sues Shep Fairey over the Obama image. To make matters worse he is also getting hit with 29 other vandalism charges in Boston. I bet he wishes he didn’t brag about being more up than any graff writer in Boston. Also in an effort to save face, or protect his neck in this lawsuit business he has dropped his cease and desist case with the steeler baby.
  • Best style? Most respected? Outtakes from the seminal 1982 graffiti documentary Style Wars (via wyw)
  • “We all wandered into a country fair, where we could at least find some shade and cold drinks. I remember I took some pictures of Kurosawa walking around, including one that shows him in the midst of a Cajun band, the Louisiana Playboys.” Wim Wenders lazy sunday with Coppola, Lucas, and Kurosawa (via guardian)
  • It’s all about production at Flavor Paper (via funderburg)
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    marvelous rocker 3/9/09

    Jeaneen Carlino
    Rising Like Corn Jeaneen Carlino 2008

  • I love the idea of creating a 3 dimensional representation of the city I live in. just imagine how connected you would be to every detail in your environment. (via wired)
  • The heaviness of ketamine is magic with sub-bass. The dissociation that it gives fits perfectly with the dark, mechanical feeling of the music. And the psychedelic neon-like effects of the drug fits perfectly with the alien feeling of dubstep.” You know when a dance music genre has finally arrived when it has a signature drug.
  • When a private entity purchases that space in the realm of commerce, it is deemed acceptable. Fairey, with his ironic and iconic OBEY brand, asks us to question that exchange. He is, in fact, breaking the bond of consent to ask where the room is for public consumption of non-commercial images? And who gets to set that agenda?” – Jill Medvedow, Director of the ICA Boston
    My problem with this statement is that she is ignoring the fact that every image that Fairey makes has a corporate logo on it.(via obama art report)
  • Obey Steelerbaby!!!! Another artist is hit with a cease and desist fron Shepard Fairey’s cadre of lawyers. (via myartspace)
  • Henry Chalfants early Hip Hop documentary “All City” (via wyw)
  • When you are expecting Snake Plissken to show up anything short of a stick with nails to the dome is better than expected – Art dealers still positive after disappointing NYC fairs (via TAN)
  • I want my……
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    Power of Potential 2/05/09

    Jason Redwood
    American Hallucination Jason Redwood 2008 (interview with Beautiful Decay)

  • The value of meaning in art during a recession. (via Myartspace)
  • Novelist James Morrow discusses why he wrote “Shambling Towards Hiroshima” (via Futurismic)
  • Vintage footage of graff demon GKae on talkshow Gabrielle. ( via WYW)
  • There is a storm brewing over Shepard Fairey’s “referencing” of other artists work in his own pieces. Having been accused, with plenty of evidence, of plagiarism for years he is now being sued by the AP for his now (in)famous Obama “Hope” poster. Oh and his show at the ICA is boring. (via C-Mon)
  • RIP Luxe Interior. Gravest Hits indeed.
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    Power of Potential 2/03/09

    Emory Douglas
    survival programs – Bobby seale for mayor Emory Douglas 1972

  • What the world needs now is a Banksy Documentary. Ohh did I mention Shep was on Charlie Rose?
    (via Art Nouveau Mag)
  • As a rule we find pleasure much less pleasurable, pain much more painful than expected.” Has advertising decided what we really need is a swift kick in the balls to buy that margerine. (via CRblog)
  • Designer and West Coast Graff lord Persue talks about his experiences making moves as a writer and business man. (via senses lost)
  • Colbert on Larry King talks about change I can believe in (via Mare 139)
  • A preview of Anthony Listers upcoming show at Fifty24SF (via Arrested Motion)
  • Like Monks in the honeycomb hideouts. The history of Graff according to Delta. (via WYW)
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