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It’s Yours 4/9/09

josh poehlein
Modern History – a youtube collage Josh Poehlein 2009

  • Interview with artist and founder of Beautiful Decay, Amir Fallah (via Flavorwire)
  • Do you like to eat Fishsticks? Yeah, Well i guess your a gay fish (Via vulture)
  • Graffiti artists are the copywriters for the capitalist created phenomenon of urban art. Graffiti artists are the performing spray-can monkeys for gentrification.” Damn!!!! Appropriate Media are the Uk’s equivalent to The Splasher (via myartspace)
  • Why is it that when an artist “appropriates” a photographers copyrighted work and gets sued they always say that the images were nothing special before they used it. Then why not use something that is not under copyright and save yourself the legal fees. More news on the Richard Prince case (via TAN)
  • The politics of the eighties was mirrored in the pop music of the time. After 20 years of depoliticized hedonism are politics headed back onto the top 40 (via frieze)
  • Ray Barbee, Skate punk.
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    The Magnificent 3/11/09

    Colin Johnson
    My PopColin Johnson (interview) 2007

  • Dude in this Sao Paulo new report on Pixacao has the coolest shirt. (via ilovegraffiti)
  • LA muralist Kent Twitchel will finally unveil the never before seen 16 year old Michael Jackson Mural. Hmmm, I wonder why somebody would cancel on a mural of Jackson in 1993? (via culture monster)
  • The collectible of the season – Richard Princes’ “Canal Zone” catalogue (via interview)
  • 007, Shanty Town
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    Tall Dark and Shadowy 1/22/09

    Ron English Abraham Obama
    Abraham Obama Ron English 2008 Installed in Seattle Jan. 20, 2009
    So this is the project I installed on inauguration day. It’s interesting to do this project because for most of my adult life I have never had much faith in the political system doing anything good for the common man. With this election I had the honor of seeing a man with a similar background as I (absent black father, single mother, raised by white grandparents, a genius) become the president. At first I tried to resist, figuring it would be a pipe dream that Obama would be elected but as the primary season moved along I was struck by the good will the man had towards his opponents, his grace under fire, and dude can sure charm people. So I bought in, voted for the first time since Clinton broke my heart in his first term (what no medical care ). I still want to see what happens now before anybody gets canonized but am willing to give Barak Obama the benefit of the doubt. I think that these prints will spark a much needed dialogue in the community about politics, about art, and about us as a nation.

  • Visual Culture explores the Visual Branding juggernaut that is OBAMA
  • Wonk Wonk Wonk The art Market blather blather blather Sucks yadda yadda yadda So What. (via Fad)
  • Jersey Joe is the Originoo Can clapper. Graffiti Don Dada. (via What You Write)
  • The WSJ gets its chones in a bunch over a graffiti book written by some scholarly ninja. Ninja Please. (via Bombin)
  • Great interview with Glyn “Bigga” Bush, of Rockers HiFi (via Reup)
  • Is a rich white guy adding Blackface to a photo of a Rasta really transformative? A bit more detail on the Richard Prince lawsuit (via The Art Newspaper).
  • Supertouch has the goods on the Todd James shows down under.
  • “you want to be a throat slasher, night stalker, or skateboarder?” More wisdom from the Gonz:

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    Yard 1/08/09

    Glenn Brown
    Glen Brown 2008 (via freshnerd)

  • Jessica Lack explores the brutal realism of Leon Golub (via GaurdianUK )
  • Richard Prince sued over “appropriating” Rasta images for his recent show (via AFC)
  • 50 years since the Cuban Revolution and all I got to show for it is a lousy Che Tshirt (via Visual Culture)
  • “When we warned the auction houses about these doubtful pieces, we were told that we were undermining the market”. French Design forgery ring busted in Paris (via TAN)
  • I’m all about artists getting paid but for chrissakes can somebody please tell Shepard Fairey that cannibalizing revolutionary art work to sell handbags to socialites is exploitive and not subversive (via TWBE)
  • From Mambo To Hip Hop:

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