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Randomness of Chance 6/4/09

Michael Genovese
Steal, Quietly, Question Michael Genovese 2008

  • “I don’t know if it’s sad, pathetic or what, but I don’t think so. I mean, nothing has felt too terribly wrong yet and I generally have a good moral compass—all things considered. I really try not to over-think this shit. Otherwise you just wind up sounding like phenomenologist Shepard Fairey. So let’s just say I ran away and joined the circus and leave it at that.” Skateboard graphics legend and exploiter of stupid human tricks Sean Cliver hasn’t gone too far ….yet. (via Vapors)
  • “Yeah, I’m rolling weed,” he said. “I have a medical card. I’m a weed smoker.” Skateboard Pro Jereme Rogers Walks the edge after a bit of a funky mushroom trip on his roof (via ignored prayers)
  • Did you know there is a cassette copy of the Talking Heads in the Space Station? That lil bit of info is courtesy of this guided tour of David Byrnes studio (via PSFK)
  • Wooster has a cool video up of Dain, a pensioner who is putting some of the most vital work up in the mean streets of NYC
  • Colossus of Roads
  • A day in the life of The One
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