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All Together now 4/2/09

Phil Frost
Phil Frost 2009 (sneek peek via supertouch)

  • Well It’s about time. The end of the Superstar dj era.
  • The silver lining to the dark clouds of economic unrest. (via tomorrow museum)
  • SupremeXDamienHirst actually not that bad (did you see the Koons boards) via Arrested Motion
  • Jonathon Jones contemplates why 19th century Ukiyo-e master Kuniyoshi seems so contemporary. Via GuardianUK)
  • “When they come home drunk they don’t have to listen to the rain on the metal and they can sleep very well.” A great article on the social benefits of JR’s work in the 3rd world (via AO)
  • “it was the teachers themselves, who were mostly women, who created the graffiti for the most part.” A review of a book about protest Graffiti in Oaxaca (via Jux)
  • “Hey buddy, can you spare a hunnerd billion?” Zimbabwe’s currency makes the perfect wallpaper (via Wooster)
  • A pixacao lesson from Os Gemeos (via WYW)
    Plus a good documentary on pixacao you need to see
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    The Magnificent 3/11/09

    Colin Johnson
    My PopColin Johnson (interview) 2007

  • Dude in this Sao Paulo new report on Pixacao has the coolest shirt. (via ilovegraffiti)
  • LA muralist Kent Twitchel will finally unveil the never before seen 16 year old Michael Jackson Mural. Hmmm, I wonder why somebody would cancel on a mural of Jackson in 1993? (via culture monster)
  • The collectible of the season – Richard Princes’ “Canal Zone” catalogue (via interview)
  • 007, Shanty Town
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