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No No No 3/2/09

Augustine Kofie
Rust Defender K Augustine Kofie 2008

  • How did Morrisey become one of rock musics most influential artists? (Via daily swarm)
  • The Present, Thomas Campbells bitching new surf film is premiering in LA soon and looks really good.(via club mumble)
  • Damn this sciatica is acting up again. (via Good)
  • Citrus Report has some new interviews up with Kofie and Lady Pink.
  • The Phantom Street Artist vs. The Giant Inna Danger Zone. Who will leave with their mask of street credibility intact. (via Citizen LA)
  • The beautiful calligraphy of Iraqi master Hassan Massoudy.(via Butdoesitfloat)
  • Who are these people stealing your WiFi? Anib Jain has a good way to find out .
  • Has Nicholas Bourriaud, curator of Tate Britain’s Altermodern, murdered the Curator. Even Art21 is giving the sideeye to the way the word curator is used nowadays: “DJ’s now talk about ‘curating’ musical sets; rock festivals are no longer organized, they’re ‘curated.’ So divorced has the term become from any notion of scholarship or care that it’s become another empty contemporary art signifier like ’sourced’ or ‘practice’ or ‘discourse’ that is barely on nodding terms with its original meaning, and exists merely to pad out skimpy press releases or grant applications.” (via art21)
  • “When Marcel Duchamp put a urinal in a New York gallery in 1917, it was a genuinely seditious act. But 1917 is almost a century away and what was once radical is now conservative.” Nick Cohen thinks that so much that poses as revolutionary thought in contemporary art is just so much warmed over…….. (via Guardianuk)
  • Layers.

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