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Slipping into Dankness 6/9/09

Swoon - swimming cities
“The Swimming Cities of Serenissima” Swoon 2009 (via)

  • It’s time to pack it all in. The NYTimes has an article about the new found respectability of graffiti. Blechhh (via WYW)
  • “Area others could call “rundown” or dilapidated, were in fact pretty charming. There was visible history on the facades with all their marks from generations of inhabitants. The buildings silently told stories of their inhabitants’ existences.” The paper facades of German artist Evol (via Interview)
  • The best way to buy one of those Faile “Prayer Wheel” things these days is to park your escalade underneath the Williamsburg Bridge and wait for a preteen to ride by on his bmx , you toss him the cash and he slips the sculpture to you. What you never bought crack before?
  • “A tiger that lives in a cage is much wilder than a tiger that is free to roam” A look at the underground fashion scene of communist East Germany (via)
  • Grand Finale has produced an inspiring documentary on 68 year old Bristol based reggae selector DJ Derek. The man lives life to the fullest touring the country armed only with a backpack full of killer tunes, his bus pass & an unquenchable thirst for real ale.
  • Dutty Whine – Special for Robert.
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    What if NBC had a new channel devoted to street art……..

    If it seems like a fantasy to imagine a network broadcaster devoting 5 minutes a week to art much less create a whole new arm to street art, it is. Well the BBC has done this and more with its Blast show featuring interviews with various prominent street artists(Faile, D*Face, Mr. Jago, and more) discussing their process, motivation and a few tricks of the trade.
    My favorite is with London artist Matt Small.

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