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Tierra Amarilla (Mi gente) 6/15/09

Carlos DZINE Rolon
Coming back To Where I Started Carlos DZINE Rolon 2009

  • A look at Dominican arts collective Quintapata . I especially like Jorge Pineda’s work in red ball point. (via c-monster)
  • “but it’s like I don’t want you to do it for free. So that’s why you get flow, and that shit ain’t free. I had to make it, I had to buy the clothes, I had to print it, I had to pay these guys to bring it down here, put it on the shelves, I have to pay for the utilities. Even people hit me up for shirts and shit, and it’s like, what can I get of yours?” Estevan Oriol talks about his career so far, and the ever dwindling budgets in these trying economic times. (via where eagles dare)
  • Teresa Margolles creates a Temple of Blood for the Mexican Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. (via Intersections)
  • Exploring the changing behaviors after the H1N1 flu outbreak in Mexico (via PSFK)
  • Dr. Lakra
  • The DateFarmers can wait forever
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    chingalero 12/12/08

    Dan Funderburgh
    Eureka Dan Funderburgh 2008

  • LA based photographer Estevan Oriol has teamed up with Vans for an exhibition of his photos of counter culture heroes called ICONoclast. Some of the legends captured in the photos are Henry Rollins, Lemmy Klimister, Stacy Peralta and Robert Williams. (via complex)
  • New Orlean’s Prospect 1 art biennial is the antithesis to the excesses of Art Basel. Organized in part to help rebuild the city after the devastating effects of hurricane Katrina, the biennial takes place in seemingly countless locations across town ( via AFC)
  • RIP Betty Page Queen Of The PinUps (via Huffington post)
  • A real cool video of KAWS from 1997 when he first started putting his busstop ads up in NYC:
  • Some real trippy footage of the Rolling Stones performing 2000 LIGHT YEARS FROM HOME (via TWBE):
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