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Peck Ya Neck 4/21/09

David Choong Lee
David Choong Lee

  • William Burroughs on Cutups a/k/a Collage, remixe, sampling. (via boing boing)
  • Video interviews of Dondi, Stylemaster General. (via jerseyjoe)
  • I am a big fan of the artist Jamie Hewlett. He is definitely one of my favorite comics illustrators of all time. Anyway there is a Gorillaz ( he did them) documentary out now. Check out Bananaz at babelgum.com (via PSFK)
  • Disney animators knew when they had a good thing going. Duplicate dances from the Disney studios (via cr)
  • HBO takes the narcocorrido mainstream (via Blackbook)
  • Henry and Martha
  • LA Legend Slick
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    Yard 1/06/09

    claudius Phaedrus
    Marcos Claudius Phaedrus 2008

  • Andy Helms is drawing a dude every day for a year.
  • Good with the help of Wooster collective lists 8 examples of the cream of the crop street art. The only problem is that for the most part the only relation most of it has to do with “Street Art” is proximity. I think there is an ongoing battle for the definition to what street art is and you are seeing with the various scraps between graffiti writers and “street artists” is a public reckoning between the various camps.
  • Ari Folmans “Waltz with Bashir” sheds a critical light on the current Isreali actions in Gaza by looking at the 1982 Lebanon war. War is a useless, ugly beast. (via art for change)
  • William Burroughs – Mysoginist, Queer, Dope Addict, Murderer, Genius, Narcissist, Sham, Artist – At the Royal Academy. (via Guardian)
  • When I was a kid my grandpa Don would make me these really cool square pillbox style newspaper hats, the kind the guys working the presses would wear. After seeing this post on art critic Regina Hacketts blog I decided to see if I could find a pattern to one. This is the best I could find:
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