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Son of a preacherman 3/16/09

Sabrina Small
Find Your Own SpotSabrina Small 2007 via Grey Gallery

  • Remember when the coolest skateboarderscouldn’t give a shit about pop culture (via TWBE)
  • “You’re a good kid. Stop acting like an idiot” Trying to understand an urban explorer (via Good)
  • “When you had a couple of thousand people who clap at a key moment, it sounded like a pistol cracking. And if they particularly liked a track or a session, they’d applaud the DJ at the end. These were the peculiarities of the Northern Soul scene.” Keepin’ The Faith at Wigan Casino (via PSFK)
  • I Am Blipster Hear Me Roar (via art nouveau)
  • “Every time somebody bombs my building, I have to check it off as a building I bombed. That’s the circle of life.” Stash talks about growing up and growing old as a graffiti artist (via Living Proof)
  • An interesting review of the book Vandal Squad plus interview with the writer officer Joe Rivera. By the way…….. that dude sucks. (via artcat)
  • Genius.
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

  • Peter Saville speaks truth to diminished power –
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

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    Strange Life 3/5/09

    Damon Soule
    Burning Jet Fuel Damon Soule 2008

  • D-Nice brings another poignant episode of his True Hip Hop Stories series. He is capturing the true essence of an art form that has been commercially hijacked and debased.
  • The way to look into an art directors soul is to view their sketchbook. (via crblog)
  • With no end in sight and the surge in unemployment, more people are asking “Where are the best tent cities in the US ?” (via bombin)
  • “Coral reefs were really the first urban environments on the planet. Real estate is always at a premium on the reef, and therefore successful organisms wind up forming symbiotic and mutualistic relationships with one another. The amount of symbiosis and mutualistic interactions on a coral reef is incredible. And yet, life is cutthroat and can end without apology, just like in the city.” An interview with Morphologic. (via artlurker)
  • A survey of artists, writers, and curators about their response to the codes and language of being an arts professional (via frieze)
  • The felt and fat of understanding conceptual art. (via Guardianuk)
  • That Vandal squad book from Powerhouse is getting some interesting reactions from the NYC graffiti scene. They are sharing their side of the story and there is an upcoming debate that i think will be very interesting

    Rob Sod Chase story

    Some things never change

  • The Debate

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