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Power of Potential 2/02/09

Marco Zamora
Hide And Seek Marco Zamora 2008

  • Street artist Poster Boy gets hemmed up by the fuzz at his own art opening after a media blitz that included videos and interviews on various blogs. If you want fame you’ll get fame, this is the streets and not a game. (via The Art Collectors)
  • Supertouch tries to polish the reputation of his good buddy Shepard Fairey by ignoring some important facts about the corporatization of street art. The Revolution will not be televised.
  • I’ve followed the Uganda Skateboard Union over the past couple of years and am always impressed with the ingenuity and devotion these kids have for the sport of skating. It seems that skateboards are the symbol of the USA that may help connect future generations across the globe. (via Club Mumble)
  • Interview discusses the debt owed to 60’s British TV series The Prisoner by todays fashion set.
  • Critic A.O Scott discusses the role of the critic in society. (via Hrag Vartanian)
  • Tamil musician and underground icon M.I.A. is making the most of her opportunities to share with us the fact that there is a genocide going on in her native Sri Lanka. She is doing interviews with print as well as TV outlets like Tavis Smiley (view) letting folks know whats going on. It’s great to see a pop star that cares for more than the newest Louis Vuitton release.
  • Rime a/k/a Jersey joe was asked to pimp out a trailer in New Jersey. He did and here is the documentation of possibly one of the funnest / weirdest painting sessions ever. kinda like Fellini goes to Edison. (via BunnyKitty)
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    Yard 1/08/09

    Glenn Brown
    Glen Brown 2008 (via freshnerd)

  • Jessica Lack explores the brutal realism of Leon Golub (via GaurdianUK )
  • Richard Prince sued over “appropriating” Rasta images for his recent show (via AFC)
  • 50 years since the Cuban Revolution and all I got to show for it is a lousy Che Tshirt (via Visual Culture)
  • “When we warned the auction houses about these doubtful pieces, we were told that we were undermining the market”. French Design forgery ring busted in Paris (via TAN)
  • I’m all about artists getting paid but for chrissakes can somebody please tell Shepard Fairey that cannibalizing revolutionary art work to sell handbags to socialites is exploitive and not subversive (via TWBE)
  • From Mambo To Hip Hop:

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    Slumber Party 12/16/08

    J. martinez
    Wheelie Spray J. Martinez 2008

  • Hacking outdoor advertising space to create public art space (via Animal)
  • EL Mac and Retna are a team of dedicated visual agitators. Milan knows this better than most. (via CCTV)
  • Are European street artists really frustrated animators? Parisian man about town Mr. Andre gets into the act. (via Supertouch)
  • Nicolai Howalts photographs of young boxers pre and post fight is an interesting study of the spirit of youth. (via Guardian)
  • Jonathon Jones asks Was Rauschenbergs death the big art event of the year?
  • There is an ongoing war between NYC’s graffiti writers and the “street artists” they feel are stealing their swagger. In Miami during Art Basel this war heated up to direct confrontation with WK Interact getting knocked out and Shepard Fairey getting dissed in a big way: (via Bombin’)
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