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Didn’t know my own strength 7/7/09

Yinka Shonibare
Yinka Shonibare (via gold coast)

  • “They’re all people I know. Most of them close friends and I like to choose people that have interesting features and can say a lot with their eyes because I don’t want it to just be like a pretty portrait – I want it to be a persona that really exists in the piece.” Street artist ElbowToe discusses his process and what he looks for in a good model (via arrested motion)
  • An awesome how to for running a guerilla drive-in movie operation. now all you need is oneof those roller hotdog machines. (via PSFK)
  • If Sonic Youth thinks your cool – Some of your favorite bands because they told you so (via flavorwire)
  • As Graffiti matures in the 21st century there are craftsmen that are taking this folkart form into amazing new directions while flexing a level of skill previously unattained. I believe Rime is probably the top graffiti writer working right now
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    Possessed. 5/29/09

    Rime Ceaze msk
    Rime Ceaze MSK

  • Suicidal tendencies Mike Muir listens to the radio not to see whats out there but to be reminded about what he hates. Kinda like why I do this blog. (via streetboners)
  • Dave Choe discusses his experiences painting the offices of Facebook – images (via bloomberg)
  • a Cool video from the Generation one show in LA in which they brought out alot of westcoast legends to do some bodypainting and hang some canvas. But for real it’s all about the Duster segment. (via WYW)
  • A Photo diary from the ArteBA art fair in buenos Aires. It looks like Street art is really overtaking the South American art scene. (via Interview)
  • I can think of plenty of empty paperboxes that could use some of this. Street artist Posterchild gardens in the city. (via Good)
  • Puerto Rico, Whoaa
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    Yeti mistake 5/21/09

    Troy Lovegates
    Troy lovegates a/k/a Other

  • These are definitely not the Lego’s I grew up playing with. Check out the new Frank Lloyd Wright collection. (via psfk)
  • Reminiscing about High school ( a certain school with an amazing Alumni list) with Rime (via jersey joe)
  • “It has always been a joke in the family. People would always say: ‘Are you any relation to Bob Marley?’ and I would say: ‘Yes, he’s my cousin’. We would laugh about it. Now it turns out it is the gospel truth.” Meet the white marley’s (via daily swarm)
  • “In Maputo, alleged criminals are killed by necklacing – putting a tyre around their neck, filling it with petrol, and setting it alight – a method used in South African townships in the 1980s against alleged apartheid spies.” The brutality of extreme poverty in Mozambique (via gold coast)
  • Germans do the darndest things

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    Candi’s Funk 4/30/09

    jacob magraw mickelson
    Jacob Magraw Mickelson

  • 2F2K homie Guillermo Scott Herren a/k/a Muerte b/k/a Prefuse 73 (Cosmic Latinos por vida) has a pretty good interview up in which he discusses his newest Prog inspired masterpiece. (via flavorwire)
  • I want this poster – Info Graphic on the U.S.populations drugs of choice by region. (via good)
  • Lets play a little game – Who is the next Kostabi? (via artinamerica)
  • Lets keep it simple here. I Love Disco. now that thats been established I want you to know that London also loves Disco. (via PSFK)
    runs The Exchange, one of the best graffiti websites out there.It’s been on hiatus for the past couple of years but is now back better than ever. The premise is writers from around the world exchange sketches of each others names and try to paint them in their own style while working with the other persons style. It makes for some really cool results. Basically it’s a graff MFA Program
  • The five classes of Street Art collectors (via Guardianuk)
  • Bruk Bruk Bruk, CHOOOON!!!!

    JME takes Gyalhattan
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    Leaving Babylon 2/12/09

    Tes One
    TesOne 2009

  • “My ladies are always there for me,” he said. “They never talk back, and if I get bored, I can just change the head.” Photographer Becky Yee has a new show of images documenting the astounding owner of the worlds greatest “Dutch Wife ” collection. (via AnimalNY)
  • The website Red Rag To A Bull is making an appeal for support of teen street artist Cartrain in his ongoing legal battle with the worlds most powerfull artist, Damien Hirst. (via Myartspace)
  • I hope you have some glowsticks handy. Artcore is a show about the garishly designed flyers of the early 90’s UK rave movement. (via CRBlog)
  • Revok explains some of the new projects he has been working on with Rime and Augor. Basically taking the ego element out of some of he murals they paint. Good luck. (via wyw)
  • Hip Hop Legend D-Nice aint about to let you forget what it’s all about with his True Hip Hop Stories film series:
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

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    Power of Potential 2/02/09

    Marco Zamora
    Hide And Seek Marco Zamora 2008

  • Street artist Poster Boy gets hemmed up by the fuzz at his own art opening after a media blitz that included videos and interviews on various blogs. If you want fame you’ll get fame, this is the streets and not a game. (via The Art Collectors)
  • Supertouch tries to polish the reputation of his good buddy Shepard Fairey by ignoring some important facts about the corporatization of street art. The Revolution will not be televised.
  • I’ve followed the Uganda Skateboard Union over the past couple of years and am always impressed with the ingenuity and devotion these kids have for the sport of skating. It seems that skateboards are the symbol of the USA that may help connect future generations across the globe. (via Club Mumble)
  • Interview discusses the debt owed to 60’s British TV series The Prisoner by todays fashion set.
  • Critic A.O Scott discusses the role of the critic in society. (via Hrag Vartanian)
  • Tamil musician and underground icon M.I.A. is making the most of her opportunities to share with us the fact that there is a genocide going on in her native Sri Lanka. She is doing interviews with print as well as TV outlets like Tavis Smiley (view) letting folks know whats going on. It’s great to see a pop star that cares for more than the newest Louis Vuitton release.
  • Rime a/k/a Jersey joe was asked to pimp out a trailer in New Jersey. He did and here is the documentation of possibly one of the funnest / weirdest painting sessions ever. kinda like Fellini goes to Edison. (via BunnyKitty)
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

    more about "Bunny Kitty: RIME DOG, FINAL!!!", posted with vodpod

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    Tall Dark and Shadowy 1/22/09

    Ron English Abraham Obama
    Abraham Obama Ron English 2008 Installed in Seattle Jan. 20, 2009
    So this is the project I installed on inauguration day. It’s interesting to do this project because for most of my adult life I have never had much faith in the political system doing anything good for the common man. With this election I had the honor of seeing a man with a similar background as I (absent black father, single mother, raised by white grandparents, a genius) become the president. At first I tried to resist, figuring it would be a pipe dream that Obama would be elected but as the primary season moved along I was struck by the good will the man had towards his opponents, his grace under fire, and dude can sure charm people. So I bought in, voted for the first time since Clinton broke my heart in his first term (what no medical care ). I still want to see what happens now before anybody gets canonized but am willing to give Barak Obama the benefit of the doubt. I think that these prints will spark a much needed dialogue in the community about politics, about art, and about us as a nation.

  • Visual Culture explores the Visual Branding juggernaut that is OBAMA
  • Wonk Wonk Wonk The art Market blather blather blather Sucks yadda yadda yadda So What. (via Fad)
  • Jersey Joe is the Originoo Can clapper. Graffiti Don Dada. (via What You Write)
  • The WSJ gets its chones in a bunch over a graffiti book written by some scholarly ninja. Ninja Please. (via Bombin)
  • Great interview with Glyn “Bigga” Bush, of Rockers HiFi (via Reup)
  • Is a rich white guy adding Blackface to a photo of a Rasta really transformative? A bit more detail on the Richard Prince lawsuit (via The Art Newspaper).
  • Supertouch has the goods on the Todd James shows down under.
  • “you want to be a throat slasher, night stalker, or skateboarder?” More wisdom from the Gonz:

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