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Positive Mental Attitude 2/11/09

Mike Giant
Ascetic Mike Giant 2006

  • Is it possible the solution to Britains economic doldrums is state sponsored Graffiti murals (via Guardian UK)
  • ‘Oh yeah, I’m a…professional mannequin builder! Can I take your photo? I’m really inspired by your body!’ Canadian graffiti artist OTHER discusses his adventures hitchhiking. (via Senses Lost)
  • Barack Obama is inspiring some heavy sounds inna dancehall. Lets just hope this doesn’t become another casualty of the Daggering craze (via Fact Mag)
  • Russian Constructivism of Rodchenko and Popova on display at the Tate (via Guardianuk)
  • South African Rock from the 1950’s is burning up my headspace (via Houndblog)
  • Hey Kids it’s Maya Hayuk:
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    Video Yard 1/07/09

    Troy Lovegates
    Street Work OTHER 2008

  • BunnyKitty and Jersey Joe in China :
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

  • Todd James a/k/a REAS has a couple of shows coming up in Australia. Check out this teaser. (via Complex)
  • Lightning Bolt…….Homeboy Sandman (via AnimalNY)
  • Cody Hudson’s installation for Gravity Tank (via Club Mumble):
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

  • What you didn’t think I wasn’t going to put a Bad Brains video in here did you?

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    Blastoff 12/04/08

    chris koelle
    Chris Koelle Sweet Ride zine (via Trackosaurus Rex)

  • Canadas own OTHER (aka Troy Lovegates) has a show at San Francisco’s Needle and Pens up till the end of December. (via Fecal Face who has a great gallery of photos from the show)
  • What does it mean to have a punk rock exhibition in the belly of Babylon aka Art Basel Miami? I don’t know but those Eileen Polk flicks from back in the day sure are rad. Also check out this awesome story she tells of hanging out with Sid and Nancy around the time of their demise.(via Supertouch)
  • During these economic hard times the folks at Dollar Store Hack have the right idea! I’m about to go buy me some bamboo skewers and a punching nun for this chandelier idea I have.
  • Bombardelo Obscuro:

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