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Tall Dark and Shadowy 1/22/09

Ron English Abraham Obama
Abraham Obama Ron English 2008 Installed in Seattle Jan. 20, 2009
So this is the project I installed on inauguration day. It’s interesting to do this project because for most of my adult life I have never had much faith in the political system doing anything good for the common man. With this election I had the honor of seeing a man with a similar background as I (absent black father, single mother, raised by white grandparents, a genius) become the president. At first I tried to resist, figuring it would be a pipe dream that Obama would be elected but as the primary season moved along I was struck by the good will the man had towards his opponents, his grace under fire, and dude can sure charm people. So I bought in, voted for the first time since Clinton broke my heart in his first term (what no medical care ). I still want to see what happens now before anybody gets canonized but am willing to give Barak Obama the benefit of the doubt. I think that these prints will spark a much needed dialogue in the community about politics, about art, and about us as a nation.

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  • “you want to be a throat slasher, night stalker, or skateboarder?” More wisdom from the Gonz:
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    Get your Yub Nub on……

    The other day I was discussing all of the celebration going on because of the upcoming Inauguration and how it weirds me out just a bit. I mean I have never seen this before, not when Clinton was elected in ’92 which I guess was the last time there was a comparable amount of youthful joy. I’m as happy as the next guy but I just don’t want to set myself up for a fall when Obama fumbles the ball on something that I feel is important. My buddy Rob pointed out to me that maybe people are actually celebrating the departure of Bush more than the ascension of Obama. This made me realize that the celebrating is not so much about Obama as it is that the Deathstar has exploded and Darth Cheney is in a tailspin into the outer edges of the Cosmos. Yub Nub indeed my good friends.

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