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Danger Room 1/13/09

Ken Garduno
Revelation Ken Garduno 2008

  • Tony Wilsons legacy adds up to more than a few carrots. (via Strangeharvest)
  • Revs Cost interview from ’93. An insight into the very birth of what has become known as “street art” but then was just a new way to get up. (via WYW)
  • Can art make us happy? (via FAD)
  • Roger Eberts tale of hanging out in a bar with Bukowski, Mickey Rourke, and Faye Dunaway (via Good by way of Coudal)
  • “Brazil is culturally rich, but we don’t value that cultural richness”. Interview with Brazilian artist Nunca (via The Mongrel)
  • The Bloke who destroyed all his belongings:
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