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New Millenium 7/02/09

Damn mess.
A Big Mess

  • In these trying economic times artists are doing things that just a year ago would have horrified their dealers. Case in point is Mike Giants open studios in which he is selling new originals and prints for cash on the barrel. (via TWBE)
  • “Ironically, the younger generations in general don’t perceive corporate involvement to be a negative—there isn’t the same stigma as there was when I was younger; an artist can have a gallery exhibition and be highlighted on a commercial billboard right outside the gallery with no ill effect. For better or worse, that particular punk ethic seems to have dissipated and there are less starving artists because of it.” Dave Kinsey talks about the changing tides in our culture, for better or worse. (via citrus report)
  • George Clinton meeting Kraftwerk in an elevator. Detroits hottest export. (via av club)
  • The queen of x-rated dancehall slackness. (via heatwave)
  • Todays bit of Tortoise. An excellent album. (via blogasauras)
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    Positive Mental Attitude 2/11/09

    Mike Giant
    Ascetic Mike Giant 2006

  • Is it possible the solution to Britains economic doldrums is state sponsored Graffiti murals (via Guardian UK)
  • ‘Oh yeah, I’m a…professional mannequin builder! Can I take your photo? I’m really inspired by your body!’ Canadian graffiti artist OTHER discusses his adventures hitchhiking. (via Senses Lost)
  • Barack Obama is inspiring some heavy sounds inna dancehall. Lets just hope this doesn’t become another casualty of the Daggering craze (via Fact Mag)
  • Russian Constructivism of Rodchenko and Popova on display at the Tate (via Guardianuk)
  • South African Rock from the 1950’s is burning up my headspace (via Houndblog)
  • Hey Kids it’s Maya Hayuk:
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    Manteca 1/03/09

    Jay Ryan
    Hum 2 Jay Ryan 2008

  • Killer animation from Dutch artist Merijn Hos a/k/a BFree (via Ekosystem)
  • So whats the deal with Obamas’ cultural shift? Mark Vallen attempts to get through the rhetoric.
  • Burque Loc Mike Giant drops some info about his journey to this point in his life (via Fecal Face)
  • Dig the eye candy over at Nascent Ideas
  • Harold Hunter – Zoo York Mixtape 1997

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