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Candi’s Funk 4/30/09

jacob magraw mickelson
Jacob Magraw Mickelson

  • 2F2K homie Guillermo Scott Herren a/k/a Muerte b/k/a Prefuse 73 (Cosmic Latinos por vida) has a pretty good interview up in which he discusses his newest Prog inspired masterpiece. (via flavorwire)
  • I want this poster – Info Graphic on the U.S.populations drugs of choice by region. (via good)
  • Lets play a little game – Who is the next Kostabi? (via artinamerica)
  • Lets keep it simple here. I Love Disco. now that thats been established I want you to know that London also loves Disco. (via PSFK)
    runs The Exchange, one of the best graffiti websites out there.It’s been on hiatus for the past couple of years but is now back better than ever. The premise is writers from around the world exchange sketches of each others names and try to paint them in their own style while working with the other persons style. It makes for some really cool results. Basically it’s a graff MFA Program
  • The five classes of Street Art collectors (via Guardianuk)
  • Bruk Bruk Bruk, CHOOOON!!!!

    JME takes Gyalhattan
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