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International Thief Thief 3/19/09

deuce 7
Moniker Deuce 7 2008 (via artcrimes)

  • The Blastmaster ain’t buying into the “new” look of the illuminati (via animalny)
  • “My mum brought me the book ‘Subway art’ and that spurred my interest in graffiti, but that was way, way before any of my own activities and the term ‘Street Art’ was coined, so I’m not sure she could be held accountable for that really, I think skateboarding has more to do with it, but then again she did buy me my first skateboard!” D*Face talks about street art and the market, Is it over? (via myartspace)
  • The gorgeous splinters of Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira (via CRBlog)
  • The Spraycan School, Class of 1982. (via Chino@12oz)
  • “I am open to new materials and ideas. A wet sponge on a dusty window is just as cool and effective as a can of paint.” Interview with drippy ink king KR (via WYW)
  • Are the Youtube pastiche creations of artists like Kutiman changing the very fabric of art and music? (via Frieze)
  • Take it to the bridge:
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    Fearless Vampyre Killer 2/09/09

    Stylemaster General Grotesk 2008 via Computerlove

  • Why is arts funding the redhead stepchild of economic stimulus? (via Chicago Trib)
  • KAWS was featured on CBS’ Sunday morning show discussing his current position in the cosmology of the art market – Video
  • The Demonic Saint of Art. (via GuardianUK)
  • Is a Read/Write city in our collective future? (via Anti-Advertising Agency)
  • Getting Drippy : The History of KRINK
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