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Sub Liminal 5/19/09

Revs Sculpture via WYW

  • Iggy Pop sells car insurance in the UK. I believe that is the signal to burn your house and move to the woods. (via Daily Swarm)
  • NY Skate/Streetwear company Supreme talks to Malcolm McClaren about the subcultures he has mined. (Via highsnobiety)
  • I dig the work of some of the artists in Paper Magazine’s “Rebranding America” project but is it really an issue with branding that is Americas problem? (via OAR)
  • “I was one of those kids who absolutely hated school. I always felt that I didn’t quite fit into the education system as it was and yearned to find a place to belong. I started the Make Something!! program to be a home for kids who feel as displaced in school as I did.” Aaron Rose’s “Make Something” workshops have found some deep pockets in Kanye West to help it continue growing (via Wooster)
  • Barry McGee will go on forever with his cop evading tips if you let him (via art21)
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    It’s Yours 4/9/09

    josh poehlein
    Modern History – a youtube collage Josh Poehlein 2009

  • Interview with artist and founder of Beautiful Decay, Amir Fallah (via Flavorwire)
  • Do you like to eat Fishsticks? Yeah, Well i guess your a gay fish (Via vulture)
  • Graffiti artists are the copywriters for the capitalist created phenomenon of urban art. Graffiti artists are the performing spray-can monkeys for gentrification.” Damn!!!! Appropriate Media are the Uk’s equivalent to The Splasher (via myartspace)
  • Why is it that when an artist “appropriates” a photographers copyrighted work and gets sued they always say that the images were nothing special before they used it. Then why not use something that is not under copyright and save yourself the legal fees. More news on the Richard Prince case (via TAN)
  • The politics of the eighties was mirrored in the pop music of the time. After 20 years of depoliticized hedonism are politics headed back onto the top 40 (via frieze)
  • Ray Barbee, Skate punk.
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    Fatal Distraction 1/30/09

    kosuke masuda
    Cog Magazine Cover Kosuke Masuda 2009 via Trackosaurus

  • I love the lushness of classic Indian art. The rich colors and delicate motifs are amazing to experience so if you are in Seattle you need to visit the Seattle Asian Art Museum to see the show “Garden and Cosmos: The Royal Paintings of Jodhpur“. For a more contemporary take check out the works of Thukral and Tagra who explore hyper consumerism much in the same way as Murakami but following their own cultural aesthetics.
  • Kanye Wests Rat Pack look like a bunch of kooks that got lost in Paul Reubens closet. (Via AnimalNYC)
  • Street artist Mike Marcus brings the gallery outside with his “Red Dots” project. (via Art Politic)
  • “When those who dare call themselves “patriots”, display such mendacious and disparaging attitudes towards the best of American culture – barbarism will be found just around the corner”. Will Obama ever get a chance to fund the arts with the bunch of republican idiots thumping their chests for the camera (via Art For a Change)
  • Back in 1994 I lived in Atlanta and had the honor of meeting a couple of graffiti writers that have gone on to greatness one was Revok and the other Tackz. While Revok has become an icon in the art world Tackz seemed to disappear. Back in those days it seemed to me that Tackz was the main guy in this Dynamic Duo and everytime I heard about some exploit of Revoks I wondered what happened to the man. It’s good to see him being as original as I will always remember.
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

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