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Peck Ya Neck 4/21/09

David Choong Lee
David Choong Lee

  • William Burroughs on Cutups a/k/a Collage, remixe, sampling. (via boing boing)
  • Video interviews of Dondi, Stylemaster General. (via jerseyjoe)
  • I am a big fan of the artist Jamie Hewlett. He is definitely one of my favorite comics illustrators of all time. Anyway there is a Gorillaz ( he did them) documentary out now. Check out Bananaz at babelgum.com (via PSFK)
  • Disney animators knew when they had a good thing going. Duplicate dances from the Disney studios (via cr)
  • HBO takes the narcocorrido mainstream (via Blackbook)
  • Henry and Martha
  • LA Legend Slick
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    marvelous rocker 3/9/09

    Jeaneen Carlino
    Rising Like Corn Jeaneen Carlino 2008

  • I love the idea of creating a 3 dimensional representation of the city I live in. just imagine how connected you would be to every detail in your environment. (via wired)
  • The heaviness of ketamine is magic with sub-bass. The dissociation that it gives fits perfectly with the dark, mechanical feeling of the music. And the psychedelic neon-like effects of the drug fits perfectly with the alien feeling of dubstep.” You know when a dance music genre has finally arrived when it has a signature drug.
  • When a private entity purchases that space in the realm of commerce, it is deemed acceptable. Fairey, with his ironic and iconic OBEY brand, asks us to question that exchange. He is, in fact, breaking the bond of consent to ask where the room is for public consumption of non-commercial images? And who gets to set that agenda?” – Jill Medvedow, Director of the ICA Boston
    My problem with this statement is that she is ignoring the fact that every image that Fairey makes has a corporate logo on it.(via obama art report)
  • Obey Steelerbaby!!!! Another artist is hit with a cease and desist fron Shepard Fairey’s cadre of lawyers. (via myartspace)
  • Henry Chalfants early Hip Hop documentary “All City” (via wyw)
  • When you are expecting Snake Plissken to show up anything short of a stick with nails to the dome is better than expected – Art dealers still positive after disappointing NYC fairs (via TAN)
  • I want my……
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