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No Fun 4/23/09

Osaka Fish TitiFreak 2009 (via)

  • Interview with Sway and Joe of the group 2Fingers (via quietus)
  • A great read from Simon Reynolds about the influence JG Ballard had on the early darkwave/ postpunk music scene. (via daily swarm)
  • “The only thing new is you finding out about it.” You need to check out the 5 part interview of Mike Watt on the VBS show Soft Focus (via clubmumble)
  • “Maybe this is how the normal world is and what we experienced for the last five years is a complete anomaly, so it’s pointless to sit back and say: “I’ll wait until it gets better.” Maybe it won’t.” Street Art svengali Steve Lazarides isn’t going to sit back and wait for something to happen with the art market. He’s too busy making it happen. (Via TAN)
  • Glen E. Friedman tours his show at Subliminal
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