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Somethin’ Like Diss Shawty 7/1/09

Ushio Shinohara
Boxing Painting Ushio Shinohara (via Target Practice at SAM)

  • Who say’s you can’t take it with you. A look at the burgeoning funerary architecture business in Culiacan (via mananarama)
  • Jesus Saves, particularly if you are wearing the right tshirt. (via senses lost)
  • “The people that ride these bikes have to know what they’re doing,” he said. “And in my opinion fixies really ruin your knees. You’re not young forever, how far do you really want to follow the hype?” Berlin cracks down on the Fixed gear trend (via good)
  • Taking street portraits with Clay Enos (via Wired)
  • A peek into the working process of HunterGatherer
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  • This is about as close to a tribute to MJ as I will get
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