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Chingalero 12/10/08

Robert Hardgrave
Chronical Robert Hardgrave 2008

  • Boy do I dislike the holidays. I think you can chalk it up to all of the times during the gift swap in elementary school I always ended up with the book of Lifesavers. Well if there is any way to bring me back around to the yule time cheer it would be in the form of one of these great prints by Robert Hardgrave, Blu, or Chris Johanson. Of course they are a bit more than the Lifesavers but just do it for the Kid.
  • Second round of Art Basel recaps from Jewcy, The Art Collectors, Art Observed, NY Mag, and The Guardian
  • RIP Elmer Valentine, Owner of the Whiskey a Go Go and inventor of GoGo Girls.
  • The question for our age – Whats the difference between art, Design, and a Meme? (via Hrag Vartanian)
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