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Ain’t jack 4/13/09

Keegan Gibbs
Nekst Keegan Gibbs 2009

  • Another interesting article about the effects of Thatcherite England on the worlds creative sphere. (via Guardianuk)
  • “Once it moved into the galleries, it lost something for me. The artists deserve to make money, but I don’t want to shoot something that’s done with permission. It’s an outlaw art. That’s what makes it thrilling.” Martha Cooper profiled in the NY Times on the 25th anniversary of the landmark book “Subway Art”
  • “a successful commercial brand with anti-establishment overtones.” I know, It’s hard not to laugh at that line. Another article on the whole Obey thing. The best part, the conversation if you will, are the comments to this article. (via NYTimes)
  • Brian Sherwinn dives deep into the Cariou/ Prince copyright case. It seems we are entering some deep water regarding copyright law and it’s effects on the artworld. (via myartspace)
  • “If affluent white teenagers in Beverly Hills were forming neighborhood gangs, arming themselves with automatic assault rifles and killing other affluent white teenagers who were also living in upscale neighborhoods and were also arming themselves with AK 47s and shooting to kill, what would the response of our society be? Would society respond or would society ignore it? Would our government respond, if so, how would our government respond?” Stacy Peralta talks about his new film “Crips and Bloods: Made in America” (via huffpo)
  • More fun with my favorite chain smoking synth fiends.
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