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Danger Room 1/15/09

Brazillian whole cars
Whole Cars In Brazil Via Lost Art Brazil

  • Incarcerated NYC Graff Writer OVIE talks about the dangers created by digital media for a writer. Loose bits Sink Ships. Free Ovie 1. (via What You Write)
  • A.V. Club Interviews my good friends, or at least the offer is there for them, Brett and Jemaine.
  • Looking forward to the new film “The Informers” thats based on a Brett Easton Ellis book which means the 80’s and tons of Blow .Watch the nsfw trailer (via Playlist)
  • Czech artist David Cerny’s sculpture “Entropa”has united Europe in a way previously unimagined.(via NY Times)
  • A breakdown of one of the worlds fastest growing economic sectors, Slavery ( via Goodmag)
  • Swoon, Chris Stain, and Mike Brodie:
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