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Manteca 12/30/08

robert hardgrave
Good Times Robert Hardgrave 2008 via flickr

  • The economic crisis is creating some odd opportunities. With all of the foreclosures there is a surplus of empty backyard pools getting skated in California. (via TWBE)
  • Did you know that Bo Diddley was once the Sheriff of a small town in New Mexico? Here is a great big pile of his music to enjoy. (via Houndblog)
  • Graffiti on Grand Theft Auto billboard raises questions about black on black crime. Pisses off gamers on WIRED Blog.
    (via Bombin’)
  • Mantis Project recycles cigarette filters into knit caps and other wearables. Never mind the smell it goes away with time. En Espanol
  • Painting with permission in Australia:
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