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summer magic 6/12/09

Chor Boogie
Chor Boogie

  • The First Annual C-Monster Venice Biennial Awards. The best roundup of the exposition I’ve read so far.
  • How Droll. Pharrell, Murakami, and Jacob the Jeweler make some really lame shit for Art Basel and folks are starting to realize just how much they love Cupcakes iced with baby lotion
  • “Our whole approach was what you might call ‘none design’ meaning that Jerry would root out any attempts by John and I to introduce gratuitous design embellishments. This ruthless weeding process resulted in bold, simple, direct graphics and is probably the main reason that the Two Tone style has such an enduring impact.” A look at one of the most important design aesthetics from my formative years. (via crblog)
  • “They’re not interested in expensive green technologies or recycling programs—the point is reuse, to breathe new life into the city’s detritus and build a new, separate world from those remains. “We’re not perfect,” Swoon says. “How much jet fuel was used to fly all of us here? But we’re not going to let being imperfect stop us. If you are too rigid in your ethics, you undo positive action.” I really like the whole hobo/digger aesthetic of Swoons projects. NYMag article here
  • A unique blend of sport, art and Spontaneity. Ed Templeton.
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    more about "Being Ed Templeton", posted with vodpod

  • I think it’s some sort of statement about fast food and animal welfare
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    Power of Potential 2/03/09

    Emory Douglas
    survival programs – Bobby seale for mayor Emory Douglas 1972

  • What the world needs now is a Banksy Documentary. Ohh did I mention Shep was on Charlie Rose?
    (via Art Nouveau Mag)
  • As a rule we find pleasure much less pleasurable, pain much more painful than expected.” Has advertising decided what we really need is a swift kick in the balls to buy that margerine. (via CRblog)
  • Designer and West Coast Graff lord Persue talks about his experiences making moves as a writer and business man. (via senses lost)
  • Colbert on Larry King talks about change I can believe in (via Mare 139)
  • A preview of Anthony Listers upcoming show at Fifty24SF (via Arrested Motion)
  • Like Monks in the honeycomb hideouts. The history of Graff according to Delta. (via WYW)
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    Danger Room 1/14/09

    We Just Did Jesse Thomas 2009

  • Get down with the Crooked I: The St. Ides commercials (via Aesthetic Poetic)
  • Ricky Powell chats up George Kalinsky, Official Photographer for Madison Square Garden (via Interview)
  • You can always tell when a graff writer is going for the golden ring they start giving their legal name. Arrested Motion has a good interview with James “Dalek” Marshall.
  • Gas Masks, Israel & Human Rights: An Interview with Street Artist Mike Marcus (via Hrag Vartanian)
  • Obama’s economic relief for artists: Sell crap with his image on it. It’s worked for Shepard Fairey. (via Blackbook)
  • “You say you had a good Frieze? You say you shifted units? You say the credit crunch won’t effect your gallery? You say that sculpture is made of real gold? – NANG DON’T BELIEVE YOU!” UK’s NANG Gallery never bought into the Balloon Market Hype (via Frieze Magazine)
  • “When one thinks of a slum, one has this monolithic image of it is as a den of hopelessness, crime and poverty, But one billion people live in them today. I thought this bleak picture could not really be the case for everyone.” Photographer Jonas Bendiksen sheds light on the worlds slums (via GuardianUK)
  • Bad Bwoy Hercules Battles Banksy Inna Tenement Yard:( via Ekosystem)
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

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