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Envious 3/25/09

Alejandro Diaz
That’s a shit Load of balloons Alejandro Diaz

  • Check it out: Chilean graf crew Brillos (via espvisuals)
  • What, Mf doom voted for McCain? (via Daily Swarm)
  • Frequent Aerial Graffiti Spotters
  • Photographer Matt Hoyle has made some pretty cool images of members of the last surviving sideshows in America (via CRBlog)
  • “I started to feel the opportunities that were flowing my way started to slow because I passed them up, or just took them for granted. Was it just a general recession of the art market or could it be that I wasn’t following my path and dreams to my fullest potential” 2f2k friend Joe “2H” Mcsween talks about his upcoming show in LA and some serious changes he has made in his work ( via arrested motion)
  • Alex Pardee can’t get enough of his Shia
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