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Tall Dark and Shadowy 1/19/09 MLK Day Edition

Today is an extremely poignant moment in our nations history as we celebrate the birthday of a man on the eve of the realization of his Dream.

  • Martin Luther King in Montgomery, Alabama on March 25, 1965.
  • Barak Obama in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania March 18, 2008.
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    Get your Yub Nub on……

    The other day I was discussing all of the celebration going on because of the upcoming Inauguration and how it weirds me out just a bit. I mean I have never seen this before, not when Clinton was elected in ’92 which I guess was the last time there was a comparable amount of youthful joy. I’m as happy as the next guy but I just don’t want to set myself up for a fall when Obama fumbles the ball on something that I feel is important. My buddy Rob pointed out to me that maybe people are actually celebrating the departure of Bush more than the ascension of Obama. This made me realize that the celebrating is not so much about Obama as it is that the Deathstar has exploded and Darth Cheney is in a tailspin into the outer edges of the Cosmos. Yub Nub indeed my good friends.

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    yard 1/09/09

    Overton Loyd
    Sir Nose Overton Loyd. He performs with Unification Theory at Crewest in LA

  • Supertouch gives us a good view of Yoshitomo Nara’s show in LA
  • Crips and Bloods; Made in America is the third part of Stacey Peraltas “Califas” lifestyles trilogy. What you got on Staceys forty dog? (via Good)
  • Truckasauras don’t actually read. (via Pitchfork)
  • Peripetics by Zeitguised: (via Strangeharvest)
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

    more about "Peripetics by ZEITGUISED on Vimeo", posted with vodpod

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    Bumbaclot Religion

    I-Man Nah gwaan post pon de Blog fe nex’ day an ting. be back pon de control Friday.

    Vodpod videos no longer available.

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    chingalero 12/12/08

    Dan Funderburgh
    Eureka Dan Funderburgh 2008

  • LA based photographer Estevan Oriol has teamed up with Vans for an exhibition of his photos of counter culture heroes called ICONoclast. Some of the legends captured in the photos are Henry Rollins, Lemmy Klimister, Stacy Peralta and Robert Williams. (via complex)
  • New Orlean’s Prospect 1 art biennial is the antithesis to the excesses of Art Basel. Organized in part to help rebuild the city after the devastating effects of hurricane Katrina, the biennial takes place in seemingly countless locations across town ( via AFC)
  • RIP Betty Page Queen Of The PinUps (via Huffington post)
  • A real cool video of KAWS from 1997 when he first started putting his busstop ads up in NYC:
  • Some real trippy footage of the Rolling Stones performing 2000 LIGHT YEARS FROM HOME (via TWBE):
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    Blast off 12/05/08

    carlos don juan 1
    Carlos Don Juan (via Trackasaurus Rex)

  • The poor man tour of Art Basel courtesy of Supertouch, Art Fag City, and The Worlds Best Ever (twice)
  • I have become increasingly curious as to how the world of latino art is transforming with a new generation of artists whose experience in America is different from the social fights of the 60’s and 70’s. Well OG LA Artist Mark Vallen sets it all straight for us. His insight – don’t forget where you are coming from
  • When I was a kid I would love to go to my grandmothers house and look at all of the old LIFE magazines. It seemed to make the world so much larger yet somehow everything was connected. Well Google just teamed up with Life to host it’s photo archives.
  • Birth of Cool” a retrospective show of the work of influential African American artist Barkley Hendricks is open at the Studio Museum of Harlem. Looking at Hendricks’ work you begin to unravel the narrative line between his paintings in the 70’s and that of artists like Kehinde Wiley today. (via NY Times)
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    To Fear it is to Know it

    to fear is to know
    Hey There

    This is my first post to my new blog ” To Fear it is to Know it” , the title of which is a lyric from the Junior Murvin song “Jah Took six days”.
    This phrase resonates with me so much as i think about the current state of “underground culture”.
    Over the past 10 years in support of this movement i cherish I have held the role of curator, gallerist, creative director, and consumer. During this time i have seen the interest in Urban/ Street/ Graffiti culture reach feverish levels with artist going from unknown to International sensations in a matter of a few seasons. Its Insanity. Now we are at a point in which the originality that once was the hallmark of this scene is being replaced by the forces of the market. Artists are more and more copying what is financially successful for others instead of creating unique and thoughtful works of their own. This blog is my attempt to direct the few who may check this thing out to the things that drive my interest and keeps me from going insane. To Fear it is to Know it.

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